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Police protect Sara Netanyahu from thousands of protesters in Tel Aviv. March 1, 2023

While her husband was speaking to the nation on Wednesay, Sara Netanyahu was taking a haircut in Tel Aviv. Rumor quickly spread that both Netanyahus were in the hair salon, and soon thousands of protesters showed up to stand outside and scream and shout at Sara Netanyahu. It looks like someone found a copy of Antifa’s indoctrination playbook.


According to one reporter, police wanted to quickly evacuate the prime minister’s wife when the crowds started to build up, but Sara refused to go until her haircut was over, which is quite reasonable. Though more likely, the police are waiting for reinforcements and trying to figure out how to evacuate her safely from the mob.

Update: Police have brought in backup and are now trying to disperse the anarchists and zombie protesters. Sara was successfully evacuated at around 11 PM.

Hopefully the salon will survive the protests.

Among the protesters at the hair salon was former IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Yair Golan who has really fallen from besieging homes of terrorists to besieging a hair salon, as Amit Segal pointed out.

The anarchists also threw eggs at the hair salon for providing service to Sara.

One has to wonder if among the community organizers directing the anarchy, are there any responsible adults among them that realize this siege may be the turning point where they lost control of their mob?

Netanyahu hugs his wife after the rescue:

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