Photo Credit: Syrian TV
The attack in Latakia Port, Dec. 28, 2021.

Syrian television reported Tuesday morning that the Israeli Air Force had attacked the port of Latakia in western Syria, and the Syrian defense responded with anti-aircraft fire.


The videos that were released show explosions and fire in the location that was under attack. A Syrian TV reporter said there was a fire in several containers following the attack and extensive damage to buildings in the area. According to the report, the Syrian army opened anti-aircraft fire in response. Firefighters are working to put out the fire.

A Syrian army source said that “at 3:21 AM, the Israeli enemy carried out an airstrike using rockets from the depths of the Mediterranean Sea (west of the port of Latakia) on the container plaza in the commercial port of Latakia. As a result, fires broke out at the site and extensive damage was caused to property. The forces are still working to put out the fires and assess the results of the aggression.”

On December 7 it was also reported that Israel had carried out an attack on the same port (Syrian News Agency Practically Celebrates Israel’s Massive Attack on Iranian Weapons Shipment). Then, too, a fire broke out in the container area there following the attack.

The Syrian opposition claimed that the target of the attack was a weapons shipment intended for pro-Iranian militias. But Assad’s media insists that the attack hit innocent commercial containers.

Back on Dec. 7, it was estimated that the targets of the attack were advanced weapons smuggled from Iran by sea, either cruise missiles or suicide drones.


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