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Jacksonville, Florida residents Orly, 16, and Esther Ohayon, 57, were struck by a car while walking to shul erev Yom Kippur. Esther Ohayon, z"l, was killed, Orly is in critical condition.

On Friday evening, September 13, Orly Ohayon and her mother, Esther, were struck by a car as they were walking to Etz Chaim Synagogue  for erev Yom Kippur services in Mandarin, Florida.

Tragically, Orly’s 57 year old mother died on the scene from her injuries.  Orly was taken by ambulance in critical condition to University of Florida Health Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.  Orly underwent surgery Saturday evening and has begun her physical recovery.


Orly, 16, is a regional board member of the Orthodox Union’s youth organization, the National Council of Synagogue Youth, and she attended a NCSY program this summer.

Orly, born in Ashkelon, Israel, lived alone with her mother in a small town outside of Jacksonville. Esther’s body will be transported.  She will be transported to Israel, where she will be buried next to her husband, Yuda Ohayon, who predeceased her.

There is currently a fundraising site established by Orly’s cousin, as money will be needed to cover the cost of transport and burial for Orly’s mother, and for Orly’s needs when she is released from the hospital.

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