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An entire floor of a building in Rehovot was destroyed by a rocket fired by Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza, May 11, 2023

Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza unleashed a fresh barrage of rocket fire aimed at Israel late Thursday afternoon following the funerals of a senior commander and his deputy, both in charge of rocket attacks. One person was killed in one barrage shortly after 6 pm. is tracking the rocket fire.

Rocket hits a target in Gaza:


From the rocket barrage on Sderot:

The car of minister Orit Struk was hit by shrapnel in a Sderot strike. Her driver was in the car at the time.

9:58 PM Sderot, Ibim, Nir Am, Sapir College, Gaza Envelope, Ashkelon Industrial Area

9:18 PM Ashkelon Industrial Area, Gaza Envelope

9:11 PM Gaza Envelope

9:10 PM Gaza Envelope

9:08 PM Palmachim, Palmachim Industrial Park, Gan Sorek

9:07 PM Rishon Lezion, Mikve Israel, Holon (Gush Dan)
One of the rockets was intercepted by the medium-range David’s Sling aerial defense system. Each interceptor missile on the system costs $1 million.

9:05 PM Zimrat Shova

9:04 PM Ashkelon Industrial Area, Sderot Sapir College, Gaza Envelope

9:03 PM Sderot, Sapir College, Gaza Envelope, Ashkelon Industrial Area, Zikkim

9:00 PM Gaza Envelope, Netivot, Zimrat, Shova

8:58 PM Kissufim

8:55 PM Gaza Envelope

8:53 PM Mevkiim

8:52 PM Ashkelon, Ashkelon Industrial Area, Zikkim, Gaza Envelope

8:45 PM Gaza Envelope

7:48 PM Ashkelon Industrial Area, Mivkaiim

7:34 PM Mivtachim, Amioz, Yisha, Tzohar, Ehud, Sadeh Nitzan

7:27 PM Sderot, Sapir College, Gaza Envelope

7:21 PM Sderot, Sapir College, Gaza Envelope, Ibim, Erez

6:48 PM Sderot, Ibim, Nir Am

6:47 PM Ichini, Shikmim Farms, Sderot, Sapir College, Ibim, Nir Am, Gaza Envelope

6:39 PM Gaza Envelope, Western Lachish, Ashkelon Industrial Area

6:39 PM Kissufim

6:34 PM Kissufim, Shikmim Farms, Sderot, Ibim, Nir Am

6:33 PM Zikkim, Yated, Tekuma

6:32 PM Kissufim, Gaza Envelope, Ashkelon Industrial Area, Kfar Silver, Mevatchim, Amioz, Yishah, Gaza Envelope

6:31 PM Mevakiim (Western Lachish), Gaza Envelope, Zikkim, Gaza Envelope, Ashkelon Industrial Area, Ashkelon, Ma’aglim, Mililot, Netivot, Beit Shikma, Brachia, Bat Hadar, Nodaya, Kfar Silver, Mishaan, Be’er Ganim, Nir Israel, Mivtachim, Amioz, Yisha

6:30 PM Ashkelon, Ashkelon Industrial Area, Mivkiim

6:29 PM Gaza Envelope, Ashkelon Industrial Area

6:25 PM Mivtachim, Amioz, Yisha

6:22 PM Gaza Envelope

6:10 PM Gaza Envelope

6:04 PM Givat Brenner, Gan Shlomo (Shefela), Givaton

6:03 PM Be’er Yaakov, Ishrash, Netzer Sarni, Rehovot, Ramle (Shefela, all of them)

5:48 PM Zikkim

5:46 PM Ashkelon Industrial Area

5:20 PM Gaza Envelope

5:03 PM Kerem Shalom

5:02 PM Kerem Shalom

4:47 PM Gaza Envelope

4:46 PM Gaza Envelope

4:37 PM Be’er Tuvia, Meshuot Yitzhak (Lachish), Ashkelon Industrial Area, Mevkaiim, Mishaan, Talmei Yafeh, Beit Shikma, Bat Hadar, Gi’a,

3:51 PM Sderot, Ibim, Nir Am (Gaza Envelope)

3:37 PM Kerem Shalom

3:34 PM Nahal Oz (Gaza Envelope)

3:14 PM Gaza Envelope

3:13 PM Gaza Envelope

12:05 PM Kerem Shalom

11:39 AM Kerem Shalom

11:30 AM Kerem Shalom

10:22 AM Kissufim

10:19 AM Gaza Envelope

09:04 AM Gaza Envelope

08:24 AM Kissufim

08:22 AM Kissufim

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