Photo Credit: FOX40 screen capture
Anti-Semitic flyer slapped on walls at Temple Or Rishon in Sacramento, CA. Nov 4 2017

Anti-Semitic posters were slapped on to the walls, doors and windows of Temple Or Rishon campus in Sacramento, California this past Sabbath sometime between late Friday night and Saturday morning.

Temple Or Rishon in Sacramento, California. Nov 4 2017

Between 10 to 15 of the posters were found when members of the Orangevale congregation arrived at 8 am. Rabbi Alan Rabishaw told The Sacramento Bee they were found all around the campus, “on the outside window, the doorways, spread around… They were filled with ant-Semitic hate.”

Anti-Semitic flyer in Sacramento, CA found at Temple Or Rishon Nov. 4 2017

Rabishaw said he immediately notified the Sacramento Sheriff’s department, and the FBI, but emphasized that the congregation, which numbers about 275 families, would continue its activities as usual. “We’re not in hiding, we’re not afraid,” he told the newspaper. “We just do what we do with joy and peace in our hearts.” He added that Muslim and other leaders have offered support.

Head of synagogue security Ted Blumenstein told FOX 40 TV News “There isn’t a shred of doubt this is an anti-Semitic hate crime designed to promote white supremacy.”

White supremacist flyer supporting murder of black worshipers in South Carolina. The warning is obvious. Nov. 4 2017

One of the flyers showed Dylann Roof, the suspect charged with shooting and killing nine worshipers at a South Carolina church in June 2015. The picture shows Roof holding an American flag, and reads, “Dylann Roof did nothing wrong.”

“Kimberly Olker, president of the congregation, told FOX40 she was “horrified. I was scared and sad.”

Anti-Semitic poster featuring caricature of disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, found at Sacramento synagogue Temple Or Rishon, Nov. 4, 2017

One of the posters read in part: “Hitler, Rockwell and Pierce warned you about sleazy Hollywood,” and included a picture of Harvey Weinstein’s face superimposed over a graphic caricature.

Security and federal officials are reviewing CCTV footage and other evidence.