Photo Credit: Chabad Lubavitch via Flickr
The world's largest Chanukah menorah stands across the Plaza Hotel in New York City, December 24, 2016

Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza and Manhattan’s Grand Army Plaza — which faces the Plaza Hotel, on Sunday, December 22, at 4 PM, will host the world’s largest Chanukah menorahs, each 32 foot high and made of gold-painted steel weighing 4,000 pounds, with kerosene lanterns.

Lighting the giant Chanukah menorah at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, December 24, 2016. / Chabad Lubavitch via Flickr

The Brooklyn candle lighting on Sunday will also feature a concert with Chassidic singer Yehuda Green, who is the chazan of the Carlebach Shul on Manhattan’s west 79th Street, and has been called (no idea by whom) “more Carlebach than Carlebach.”


Also at the Brooklyn event, a recipient of a lifesaving bone marrow donation will meet his or her donor for the first time at the Menorah lighting.

Rabbi Shimon Hecht, Director of Chabad of Park Slope which co-sponsors the event with the National Committee for the Furtherance of Jewish Education (NCFJE), told Collive that “this gigantic Menorah publicly reaffirms our freedom,” seeing as it is “inspired by the Maccabees’ victory of right over might and light over darkness.”

Lighting the giant menorah requires the use of a 60-foot boom lift.

Collive offered this candle lighting schedule for the entire 8 days of Chanukah at the two plazas:

Sunday, December 22 – 4:00 PM
Monday, December 23 – 6:00 PM
Tuesday, December 24 – 6:00 PM
Wednesday, December 25 – 6:00 PM
Thursday, December 26- 6:00 PM
Friday, December 27 – 3:30 PM
Saturday, December 28 – 7:00 PM
Sunday, December 29 – 5:30 PM


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