Photo Credit: Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4 via Elan Ruskin / Twitter screengrab
Screen grab of Marvel's Spider-Man on Play Station 4.

Are you a player? That is, are you a fan of Marvel’s Spider Man on Play Station 4?

If you are, and if by chance you are not Jewish – and if you play this game on a Saturday – you may have noticed one of the special hidden secrets just now revealed on Twitter by Insomniac Games senior engine programmer Elan Ruskin:


For those who play the game on Saturdays, on that day there are no Orthodox Jewish characters to be seen.

If you’re wondering (as I did) how it’s possible for the program to know when it’s the Sabbath (Saturday) for the player, Ruskin answered the question when it was asked by someone on a Twitter thread:

“Real-life Saturday. It checks the clock on your PS4,” Ruskin replied.


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