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Title: The Grandeur of the Maggid – Resplendent Stories of Inspiration and Elevation
Lipschitz Edition
By Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn



It’s been a while since Rabbi Krohn has published a Maggid book but this highly anticipated book was definitely worth waiting for. And Kudos to Artscroll for coming up with another stunning cover and another word to go with Maggid (this is the tenth book in the highly popular inspiring and uplifting series – thereby completing a minyan of maggidim).

Since 2018, Rabbi Krohn wrote three books each on a different theme. The Glittering World of Chessed, At the Maggid’s Seder and Yomim Noraim with the Maggid. With this new book, Rabbi Krohn, as he did in the first nine Maggid books of stories, once again writes inspirational stories choosing from a wide variety of topics such as chessed, chinuch, teshuva, hashgocha pratis, etc.

“Numerous people have told me that they have cried when reading some of these stories,” says Rabbi Krohn. “I understand that,” he says, “because I myself cry when I relate them in speeches. Klal Yisrael has gone through so much in the last few years, (Covid, Meron, Surfside, Ukraine, Arab terror, worldwide anti-Semitism), people want to be uplifted and shown that we are indeed a great nation that can do wonderful things. These stories show that and it touches people’s hearts.”

In The Grandeur of the Maggid, Rabbi Krohn, the Maggid of America, and a celebrated author and speaker, shares with us 90 inspiring and uplifting stories to which he adds sensitive and insightful commentaries that are brief and thought-provoking.

The stories are written in Rabbi Krohn’s inimitable style and their subjects range from Gedolei HaDor to “ordinary” men, women and children; from the shores of America to the epicenter of the Holy Land; from the beginnings of the last century in Europe to yesterday, across town; from this world to The Next; from obscure heroes of eras past to Rabbi Krohn’s own family; simultaneously crossing barriers of language and culture, and uniting all Jews everywhere.

In his many travels as a popular and outgoing international speaker and historical tour guide, mohel and family patriarch (visiting the einiklach), Rabbi Krohn traverses the globe, collecting stories that are inspirational and unbelievable, unique and revelational.

We live in a crazy time when people are overwhelmed with commitments and responsibilities, juggling their schedules at a breakneck pace. This book helps to restore some calm in that it focuses on what is really important in life, and where true grandeur lies; it reminds us where our sense of purpose should be. Rabbi Krohn pays great attention to detail and his stories have all been verified for veracity unto the last one, each of which makes his stories relatable, relevant and personal to us.

The Grandeur of the Maggid is available on Amazon and in quality Jewish bookstores everywhere.



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