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Growing up as a teenager in Brooklyn, I have a distinct memory of not being able to find modest clothing that was fashionable. I remember always having to search for a shell or struggling to find ways to layer without my outfit looking ridiculous. Friends of mine had even greater difficulty developing a stylish, modest wardrobe because they were taller than me. I am five feet tall, and despite being vertically challenged, I was able to find knee-length skirts and dresses in department stores. My friends, however, were consistently preoccupied with adding fabric to the length of their clothes. Even when something was long enough and covered the elbows, it was not always age-appropriate and would appear dowdy and a bit old-fashioned.

Thankfully much has changed over the years and we have entered a new era for fashionable modest clothes. A notable and exciting example of how far modest fashion has come is the opening of The Address, a new specialty department store curated for the modest fashion consumer. The Address is located in the American Dream Mall, in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and offers a one-stop shopping experience featuring the most sought-after modest brands in the world.


You might be wondering what to expect at this specially curated shopping experience. The Address is home to the following brands: Apparalel, 7th Day Shine, Artscroll, A. Soliani, b7active, Bitz, Bliss by Sheek, By Tess Collection, BYRD New York, House of Lancry, Impact Fashion, Ivee, Jupe., La Mayim, lil legs, Luna Mae, Malka Majesty Gowns, Mayas Place, NOA, Orly New York, Petit Clair, Point, Project 6 NY Kids, The Shell Station, Tal New York, Third, Udel New York, Waterdale Collection, and Zubii. These brands include women’s fashion, footwear, jewelry, children’s fashion, gifts, and so much more.

I asked the team behind The Address what inspired them to open this specialty department store. They said that they saw the demographic of shoppers at the mall and wanted to try to cater to their needs. Modest fashion is clearly on-trend these days and the spacious store offers something for everyone.

If you are looking for something for a special occasion, the perfect dress for work, shoes to match, modest swimwear, luxurious art, home décor, or more, The Address has you covered. It is the ultimate retail establishment with apparel and accessories for adults and children. To see all The Address has to offer, visit or check out @theaddress_americandream.


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