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Lazer's neww album, "Lost on the Highway" on Blues Leaf Records

Regarding his live shows, David Brinn of the Jerusalem Post writes, “When Lazer Lloyd enters the zone onstage, his eyes close tightly and he begins a peculiar dance – partly Tevye in the shtetl, partly psychedelic free form shuffle. He handles his guitar like it was an extension of his lanky but sturdy body, and the glorious noise that it emits sounds like wails and squeals emerging directly from his soul. He’s lost in the moment. He’s the best guitarist in Israel. ”

Ben Red of 88FM in Israel (an indie rock station) writes, “This is the best Rock N Roll Blues that I have seen in Israel. It’s right under our nose and we don’t know about it. Amazing, you have to see him live.”


For more information please contact: Yocheved Seidman (Lazer Lloyd Israeli Blues Experience for Kumah) or call 773-597-7690 For the full schedule of Lazer Lloyd’s USA Summer 2013 CD release tour (8/10-8/18) visit Lazer’s Schedule on ReverbNation

Eliezer (Lazer) Lloyd Blumen with his high school band “Legacy” in 1984.
The famous Millinery Center Synagogue in Mid-Town Manhattan where Lazer Lloyd was introduced to Rav Shlomo Carlebach by Rabbi Hayim Wahrman (the pillar of Millinery).
Lazer (2nd from R) played lead guitar in Reva L’Sheva for seven years
Lazer (L) and his power rock trio “Yood” with Moshe Yanovsky (C, drums), and Yaacov Lefcoe (R, bass).
Lazer was a guest of honor at the first Russian Electric Guitar Festival in Moscow in July, 2013
Lazer’s new album, “Lost on the Highway” on Blues Leaf Records

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