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Former foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman and Russian President Vladimir Putin in a friendly chat in Netanya, in 2012.

Seyed Sharif Hosseini, member of the Majlis (Iran’s parliament) Presiding Board, told IRNA on Monday that “no talks have been or will be held without confirmation of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.”

This is one of those announcements that immediately makes you wonder, why was it necessary to make it? Would this influential politician be saying this had it been obvious that President Hassan Rouhani is a loyal servant of the supreme leader? Probably not.


When Rouhani returned home to Tehran Saturday, from a week in New York City, Iranians from across the political spectrum welcomed him with cheers, big smiles and big, waving flags, congratulating his historic phone conversation with Obama.

Some in the crowd threw eggs at him and shouted “Death to America! Death to Israel,” accusing Rouhani of too much conciliation with the infidels.

But the man who decides who is infidel and who fidels just fine in Iran, Supreme leader, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, sent his closest foreign policy adviser, Ali Akbar Velayati, to greet the returning president.

Almanar News argued that the presence of Velayati in the welcoming crowd “gave weight to Rouhani’s insistence that he had the highest authority to pursue his diplomatic initiative at the UN general assembly,” which culminated in the groundbreaking 15-minute phone conversation with Obama on Friday.

But the Establishment must assert itself above President Rouhani, before he becomes too big for his own breeches. This newly elected president must be the most popular man in the media this week, and it’s hard to believe that the ayatollahs are looking forward to his growing even bigger on their watch.

So they’re looking to co-opt Rouhani’s win, own it, if you will. Hence MP Hosseini’s spiel about the supreme leader’s approval. But, having done that, it must be a huge joy for the Iranians to watch their man scoring. As Hosseini put it: “The Zionist regime is severely concerned and angry with the positive and influential measures taken by the Iranian delegation in New York.”

That is absolutely true. And Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif also scored huge points when he ridiculed Israel for having been warning for 20 years now that Iran is six months away from making a nuclear bomb. Both Rouhani and Zarif looked “with it,” as if none of the past’s dark stuff could stick to their robes or, in Zarif’s case, nicely tailored suit.

Also: Tehran Times wrote today that Israel’s claim to have captured an Iranian spy is yet another cheap attempt to sabotage the rapprochement between the U.S. and Islamic republic.

At this point, pushing the same game plan that yielded results last year, with the ACME style cartoon of red lines and nukes would only earn Prime Minister Netanyahu scorn in the international arena. President Obama wants to thaw the U.S. relations with Iran, and he will find effective ways of getting there. It is most likely that Netanyahu will emerge from his meeting later today with the president without his lunch money. He will probably do his best to sound tough and dangerous, while, essentially, giving his approval to Obama’s diplomatic ambitions.

Frankly, this would be the perfect time to put former foreign minister Avigdor Liberman in charge. Liberman was able over the past four years to bring the former Soviet republics closer to the Israeli sphere of influence. He should be able to get us closer to Russia as well.

Israel needs to buy a few things from Russia – cannons, Katyusha launchers, whatever it takes to cement a relationship Moscow understands. Likewise with China–they make nice things, too. America’s ability to impose its will on Israel must be mitigated by the latter’s show of independence. We need more than one super power to keep the world safe, and Israel needs more than one client relationship, play hard to get, if you will, to protect itself from the utter madness that passes for foreign policy in Washington.

Incidentally, on those spying allegations – that was so 1970s. And the pictures that dangerous spy took, my goodness: a chair, an empty terminal, Hayarkon Street. Treason I tells you, treason…

We’re losing this round badly, people. Let’s call for a time out and go for a heavier quarterback…



  1. 1. Suggest that Prime Minister Netanyahu invite Pres.Rouhani to Israel for face to face discussions in the spirit of Saddat-Begin. Prime Minister Netanyahu should emphasize that he would like nothing better than to personally work closely with President Rouhani as his partner for peace. He should emphasize a long list of items that the 2 countries could work on together to promote the interests of their citizens ; the interests of the Middle East,;the interests of the entire world. Medical research; energy research; agricultural research; water resources research etc.

    2. Prime Minister Netanyahu could announce that he too enthusiastically endorses a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction, terror and threats to the innocent civilians in all countries. That Israel would fully participate in such a comprehensive arrangement. He could welcome the Syrian relinquishment of chemical armaments as a 1st step. He could emphasize that Hezbollah missiles; Hamas missiles; support of terrorists, etc. would certainly have to be part of that package. Then, in the context of the UN speech he could raise why he is (and the world should be) concerned with the Iranian nuclear program by
    revealing several aspects of the Iranian nuclear program that have nuclear weapons capability as their only possible use.


    What does this mean in practice?

    A. Any Iranian nuclear deal must require ‘zero enrichment’ to close off Iran’s path to a nuclear bomb using centrifuges to produce weapons-usable high enriched uranium….

    B. Any Iranian nuclear deal must require ‘zero reprocessing’ to close off Iran’s path to a nuclear bomb using plutonium that could be separated from a reactor’s spent nuclear fuel…

    .C . Any Iranian nuclear deal must require Iran to fully comply with its international obligations through ‘complete and total transparency’—that is, by allowing nuclear inspection activities far beyond those required by its NPT-required IAEA safeguards agreement.”

    If President Rouhani will agree to these essential terms and get the rest of the Iranian establishment, led by Ayatollah Khamenei, to agree, then he is a true moderate who is interested in de-escalating the confrontation between Iran and the West.

    if not, then President Rouhani can only be viewed by the world as using negotiations to buy time for the nuclear program to develop,..and then iran and the entire world will be the the losers..

    4. THEN A STRONG CLOSING , RINGING APPEAL (Style similar to Ronald Reagan…Mr. Krushev… tear down this wall)

  2. No ! Bibi….YOU are The ****ING Wolf !….Ya ****ING Phony !

    We're still WAITING for YOU to ADMIT to The World that YOU have 200 + NUKES POINTED at PERSIA !

    Like President Carter has said Time,and again !

    So as much as I HATE The Damm Mullahs Running Iran !

    I'll say this Again,as a Persian : Take Your Idle Threats of Attacking Iran !

    SHOVE IT Up YOUR Right-Wing ASS !….and then Yank It OUT Your Goose-stepping Nose !

    Oh….And GO Heat !

  3. John McCain was a good employee for
    Israel for many years. Anything Bibi wanted. Wars, false reports of
    terrorism, doomsday on the horizon–Bibi had John on speed-dial. Sadly
    we are now having to ramp up Bob Corker’s training schedule to replace
    old John. Bob has been on the take for the last few years from Goldman
    Sachs, which gives him the Bona fides we are looking for. The
    Zio-Predator Banks are good training grounds for future American
    traitors. Already Bob has betrayed his party by pushing for Amnesty and
    war with Syria. He needs to do a little more for the Gay Agenda and
    Abortions and affirmative action.
    I want everyone to know that we are not totally abandoning John.
    Bibi is personally paying for John’s Alzheimer Meds out of his own
    pocket. Of course he initially gets the money from the good ol’ USA,
    but that is the norm. Feeding back some of that 3 billion we get every
    year to those who vote for it. Just a small percentage, mind.
    We need all the Pols we can get to come out against Iran. Bibi has
    been getting the news out since 1992 that Iran is only 6 months away
    from a nuclear weapon.
    :Lindsey Graham has been assigned a gay Mossad Control Officer and he
    is ecstatic. When Bibi told him could have a job with Disney Studios
    once he was kicked out of Congress, he had himself right there on the
    phone. It was sort of embarrassing

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