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September 18, 2014 / 23 Elul, 5774
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Operation Moïse

Israel Planning ‘Rescue’ Operation for French Jews

Jewish man stands and looks on in Paris.

Jewish man stands and looks on in Paris.
Photo Credit: Serge Attal/Flash 90

The Israeli government is expected to approve soon a plan to bring tens of thousands of French Jews to Israel within the next three years, according to a report in Makor Rishon on Friday.

An Aliyah plan of this scale hasn’t been attempted since Operation Moses and Operation Solomon rescued Ethiopian Jewry and and brought them to Israel.

Currently, tens of thousands of French Jews are essentially fleeing France, in great part due to the serious rise in antisemitism in that country. The problem is that they are leaving France to go to London, Canada, and the US. A mere 3,000 of the the Jews who left France in 2013 made it to Israel.

The Israeli government has determined that in order to entice French Jewry to come to Israel, three primary areas must be addressed: employment, housing and quality education.

In order to address the employment issue, the government is set to recognize existing French professional licenses in the fields of medicine and tax advise; it will consider placement in the army in jobs that actually fit the Oleh’s professional skill set, and will assist existing business owners wishing to bring their companies over to Israel.

The programs Taglit (birthright) and Masa, intended to strengthen Jewish identity and solidarity with Israel through a 10-day trip to Israel for young Jews will be expanded to French Jewish youth.

And French Jews will be practically guaranteed slots in the top schools.

The goals of the program are to double the number of French Jews brought to Israel each year. In 2014, the goal will be 6,000 Jews, 12,000 in 2015, and 24,000 in 2016.

The cost of the program is still unknown. The effort will be coordinated by the Prime Minister’s office.

The strategy is to create a 3 year window of opportunity for French Jewry, telling them: Come to Israel now while the going is good, because we can’t guarantee these conditions in the future.”

We at The Jewish Press are calling it “Operation Moïse.”

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90 Responses to “Israel Planning ‘Rescue’ Operation for French Jews”

  1. Virtues Bran says:

    I really feel for French jews they must be so hated with all of those muslims over their.

  2. For get zfeb for the time being. Concentrate on today and Feb will suddenly be here.

  3. on devra envoyer desmatzot en france pour pessah?

  4. Elaine Fox says:

    Wonderful. Wish them well.

  5. Carolin Knox says:

    Why we NEED a strong Israel!

  6. Ronny Mol says:

    What about the poor and middle class Jews with 5 to 10 children who cannot afford to move? Where is there help? France is cooked. The mission now is to save as many Jews as possible. Where is the plan to sell the Shuls, community centers and Jewish schools?

  7. Edu says:

    The antisemitism product of the muslims which over populate Europe will destruct the French and European economy and they lifestyle.
    we start seeing the muslims wave and the effects here in the USA.

  8. Tell the French Jews that London is not a safe place for them to. And Israel should do everything to help them.

  9. I thought the same thing… it's always the wealthy that can get to safety….. like in Germany…the Jews that saw it happening and had the money to get out, did get out.

    G-D Bless Israel and Jews worldwide.

  10. Rod Borghese says:

    If Israel is full you are welcome also in Canada

  11. dannykid says:

    They kicked out the Jews. They welcomed the muslims. Gezundheit.

  12. É por isso que o Estado de Israel deve continuar com urgência a sua política de construção de novas moradias, doa a quem doer.

  13. A história recente nos ensinou a urgência de voltar para casa.
    Talves 6.000.000 de vidas preciosas teriam sido salvas se este retorno pudesse ter sido feito antes do holocausto. VIVA ISRAEL. O Brasil te abraça.

  14. In regards to the poor and middle class Jews, I believe it is our responsibility as Jews to provide financial assistance so that every single Jew in France, rich or poor, is able to escape. We have done it in the past and should be able to do the same thing in the future.

  15. Kobi Słomka says:

    Move to Leeds, UK guys!!! We have really cool kehila:)

  16. Rachel Cassia Trigere Besserman says:


  17. Rick Fortner says:

    The French should leave also, soon it will be the Islamic nation of France since they stood by and let the muslims take over their country

  18. Ron Kall says:

    France can still take their country back from the muslim invaders if they have the will to do what was necessary!

  19. the french goyim were all collaborators. they lap danced the nazis and now the jew hating muslims. may they drown in the sewer of their own making.

  20. Yonatan Uziel says:

    It is a great (and vital) thing Israel is doing for French Jewry BUT the French olim have to do one major thing in return…my french brothers and sisters, as a group you have a horrible reputation in Israel particularly for rudeness and arrogance. Your pay back to Israel is to fix this!!!

  21. Yonatan Uziel says:

    (Via Google Translate) Il est un grand (et indispensable) chose que fait Israël pour le judaïsme français MAIS les immigrants français ont à faire une chose importante en retour … mes frères et sœurs de France, en tant que groupe vous ont une réputation horrible en Israël en particulier pour la grossièreté et de l’arrogance. Votre salaire en Israël est de résoudre ce problème!

  22. Yonatan Uziel says:

    And I say all this out of love for all Jews.

  23. Anonymous says:

    It's sad and frightening that Europe has come back to this.

  24. to many muslims in france

  25. Scott Rose says:

    It mainly won't work, because the people leaving France for the UK, Canada and the US mainly are leaving because the economic opportunities are better for them personally in those places than in France or in Israel.

  26. Scott Rose says:

    Vous n'aurez aucun probleme.

  27. Sew N So Drelich says:

    Way to go Israel!

  28. what is Shalom Bear’s email address?

  29. Lynn Bateman says:

    Why aren’t we seeing this on the news

  30. What a nice message from PM's office to returning Jews: we are freeing the terrorist murderers to welcome you upon arrival sic! And the operation should be named something like this: 'welcome to the arena, let the hunt begins!' , 'Survivor', 'Who survive car bombs, rockets, stabbing, stoning, bus fireworks, slaughter while sleeping in the house and many other horrors – he's the MAN! Ou yeah olim chadashim! Bruchim habaim ;-)

  31. Or maybe just simple slogan: 'Go North/South'… (Go home…)

  32. France sstill has a chance to regain their country from the Muslims.
    aand this applies to Holland,, Britain, Belgium and USA.

    Expel every Muslim who is there illegally, refuses to speak the languaage, tries to convert Christians to Islam (should be made punishable by a life sentence.( In Islamic coutries, conversion to Christianity are executed)
    Any one with more than 3 children should be heavily taxed. No man allowed to have more than one wife.
    Stop all immigration .
    Make it as hard as possible for the Muslims to try to take over their adopted country.
    No licences to build mosques.
    No praying in the streets.

    Take back your countries. You are all Christian countries. Dont allow the Muslims to co your countries to Islam.

  33. What Israel needs desperately, is people who know how to make decent cheese! Seriously, have you ever eaten Israeli cheese? Blech! (I'm noshing on kosher camembert right now, cholov isroel, even.)

  34. Israelis should demand that Bibi does not release any more of these scum.
    USA never releases any murderer of even one person. Many are executed.

    The citizens should warn Bibi that they will not tolerate any killers to be released.
    This is high treason, and puts every citizen's life in danger, Those bastards will be back on the streets to kill more Jews.

    Surely, Bibi should stop this farce of "peace talks" after what the PA and Arabs have said.

    Is he so blind, that he does not see that the "peace" talks are one way of getting murderers back on the streets to kill more Jews?
    The Arabs have no intention to make peace with the Jews.
    Will bringing French Jews to Israel make it any safer for them?

    Tell Obama to release Pollard.

  35. Moishe Pupik says:


  36. I am from France. Now living in Israel. You should be ashamed Yocheved Rotenberg to use your pathetic ''humour'' about the anti-Semitism in France where Jews have been already killed ! Shame on you !

  37. "In order to address the employment issue, the government is set to recognize existing French professional licenses in the fields of medicine and tax advise [sic]; it will consider placement in the army in jobs that actually fit the Oleh’s professional skill set, and will assist existing business owners wishing to bring their companies over to Israel." Happy to hear that they're doing this — but one question: Is the government planning this "operation" for it's American (and other) nurses who cannot work in Israel, due to the difficulty of getting their existing licenses recognized? Citizens who are already here also need these benefits.

  38. Yehudis Schamroth — any good news yet for nurses?

  39. If accurate, I'm glad to read of the Israeli Government's intentions. If similar policies had been instigated earlier I'm sure they would have prevented many, many failed aliyot (emigrations) and people would have thought twice before returning to their countries of origin or going on elsewhere.

  40. Employment, housing and education: Sounds like what everyone in Israel is looking for. Kol Kavod about American nurses getting their licenses recognized.What about Israelis who can't afford housing? What about that? we live in the north where housing is supposed to be affordable. Prices are skyrocketing her!!
    I think there needs to be something done to bring down the cost of housing to make it truly affordable! BTW we own so I am not talking about us, but if we were coming now it would be impossible to buy.

  41. Let me say, that it is wonderful, needed and commendable that Israel wants to rescue French Jews. It is needed. I agree with Natalie and Ruti. There has to be some way for Jews to come to Israel if they are poor and in endangered areas.

  42. I read the article from Jerry Meents that London is no longer safe. I wonder when American Jews are going to recognize that the USA is becoming less safe all the time for Jews.

  43. Guarantee you Chabad is staying put.

  44. Howard Joffe says:

    wonderful that Israel can do this BH and a sad and tragic day for France who will be remembered as a country who does not look after all its citizens

  45. Totally agree but how is the funds collected and who collects them? Is there an organization already that takes care of it?

  46. 65 some odd years after the Europeans perpetrated the Shoah, we have to rescue Jews from Europe….And the bloody EU thinks it has moral authority to tell Israel what to do? Really???

  47. Fran Kie says:

    France's loss!

  48. yes- we stll have to take the test (eventhough they base thier test on the one i already passed), but at least I just recently got the clearance to take it in English this April!! ( BH!)

  49. Yehudis Schamroth Baruch Hashem! Finally! Progress for nurses, AND for Israel. Now if they can just make housing affordable. :-)

  50. Chaiya Eitan says:

    YES – they – especially the young ones – should come here!

  51. Cody Flecker says:

    At least in the USA, we do not release our murderers from jail to satisfy the terrorists like Israel does, and has done in the past. Israel is an insane asylum and anyone going to live there is simply insane. The French Jews should think this over very carefully.

  52. Cody Flecker says:

    At least in the USA, we do not release our murderers from jail to satisfy the terrorists like Israel does, and has done in the past. Israel is an insane asylum and anyone going to live there is simply insane. The French Jews should think this over very carefully.

  53. Paulita Gilberto says:

    Don't wait until it's too late. Come out from among them. Shame on France for allowing this to reach such proportions. Shame on America for for not impeaching Obama who has opened a Pandora's Box in the middle east.

  54. Paulita Gilberto says:

    Don't wait until it's too late. Come out from among them. Shame on France for allowing this to reach such proportions. Shame on America for for not impeaching Obama who has opened a Pandora's Box in the middle east.


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