Photo Credit: Google Maps
Bet Jen Street, Beit Jin, in the foothills of Mount Hermon in southern Syria, June 2017

Syrian regime forces cleared an area in the southern part of the country, an area in the village of Beit Jinn on Saturday, evacuating dozens of armed rebel fighters and their families.

The village is located at the foothills of Mount Hermon, near the border with Israel and Lebanon, in the Golan Heights.


The withdrawal of the rebel forces came in accordance with a negotiated agreement after a 72-hour ultimatum from the Syrian army to either surrender and evacuate, or die.

Six buses provided by the military evacuated 153 people, including 106 fighters and their families, taking them to the southern province of Dera’a and the northwestern province of Idlib.

Israel has warned, however, not to allow Iranian forces, and Iranian-backed forces – Hezbollah and other proxy fighters – near the border, and has said it will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure the security of its citizens.