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Did you ever imagine that you could possibly travel anywhere in the world – places like Palo Alto, Buffalo, Brazil, or Mexico – and not have to worry about kosher food?

With the appearance of Koshwhere (, the days of shlepping cans of tuna fish and dry food products are a thing of the past! When choosing a vacation spot, kosher food choices no longer has to be a factor in this decision with the intervention of Koshwhere!


Making its debut appearance at Kosherfest 2015 in New Jersey, Koshwhere is the only online delivery platform for kosher keeping travelers!

Customers can order fresh and hot kosher meals in the majority of places in the world. Marked by its “hassle free” approach, over 400 kosher kitchens are currently affiliated with the site, and it continues to increase. Prior to becoming affiliated with the site, kosher establishments must upload a valid kosher certification on their profile, and gain approval by Koshwhere staff.

Meal orders get delivered to over 200,000 non-kosher hotels, Airbnb apartments, airports, resorts, and anywhere else according to customer choice. The most popular product among customers is the shabbos package for Friday night dinner, which can be found in the menu for most suppliers. Delivery prices vary based on travel distance via car or bike.

Signing up for meals is very easy! Customers only need to search for a given destination and browse through the meal options. Some meals are related to a specific location, and some are general choices, appealing to various taste buds. For instance, in Madrid, one can order a Spanish paella or chicken nuggets for lunch. As an added benefit, now kosher customers no longer need to miss out on the experience of tasting exotic foods when visiting foreign countries!

As an incentive, customers can sign up for the Kpoints reward program as an incentive to keep ordering food from Koshwhere.

Kpoints can also be earned when referring friends to Koshwhere. With the more points one earns, the greater discounts customers can receive on meals.

Soon, Koshwhere hopes to expand a meal order service for personal kosher food delivery for local residents – not only for travelers. This program would allow customers to order meals for shabbos, shiva, office, home, or basically any kosher need for a small catering delivery.

David Avital, the producer of Koshwhere, has over twelve years of experience in various technologies such as enterprise, consumer, and mobile. While becoming frum, this idea came to Avital in early 2015. When travelling all over the world, he stocked up on heavy loads of tuna cans and non-fresh kosher food. He realized a gap that need filled. Avital designed as an online platform to order kosher food throughout the world in advance.

“I decided to make a big impact on the Jewish world, and create something innovative for the kosher market that will help millions of kosher travelers,” explains Avital, “Every new order in the system makes me happy especially when customers call or bless us on our help.”


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Avigayil Perry lives in Norfolk, Virginia and writes for various Jewish publications.