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Death to All (Zionist) Juice

Here Is Why Being Anti Israel IS Antisemitic:

How many times have you gotten in an argument with an anti Israel troll on the internet and heard them spew words like Israel are Nazis or what we are doing to the Arabs is worse that what the Nazis did to the Jews?!


Besides having a total gap in historical knowledge, these claims are purely antisemitic. Blaming Jews or the Jewish State with Nazism is the same as telling us we bake children blood in our Matzah (The old blood libel that was used as an excuse to boycott and slaughter Jews).

As soon as you call them antisemitic they pull out the “not everyone who is anti-Israel is an antisemite!”


Some anti-Israel activists are simply ignoramuses, but those who know the facts and still blame Israel for genocides that never happened are purebred antisemites!

This is Fatah (Palestinian Authority) NOT Hamas!

Am I pulling out the antisemitic card to try to justify occupying the Arabs? Well, let’s listen to what the Arabs themselves have to say and then you tell me if I am being paranoid!

I listened to this several times and I did not here the word ZIONISTS, only Jews! I also did not hear about the settlements and the call for Jihad did not end with Israel. I heard an old Islamic passage talking about committing genocide against the entire Jewish as well as the American people! If you have a problem with the Jewish State fighting these people then guess what? You are a full fledged antisemitic bastard (excuse my French).

Just in case you thought this was a result of the settlement movement, here is video of the Muslim religious leader who teamed up with, yup, you guessed it, Hitler and way before a single settlement was on the ground!




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  1. when you frame the issue that way, ANY critique of israel would necessarily be anti-israel. but that “test” exists only in the minds of people like you. it is possible, in fact, logical that a criticism of israeli policy is not a call to destroy israel. nor is it a vote of support for hamas. learn a bit about how the real world works and then comment.

  2. Richard there is so much anger and hate in the word that you post I can feel them around the world. What drives such hate in a man’s heart man that is sad. It’s suppose to be a free word to think as one wants but if guess that’s not your thinking. What would make a person choose a group like Hamas to side with who kill their own people without regret. To speak out against Israel is to speak against God’s plan and you will loose. Let’s put it this way Israel is Ice cream and Hamas is mud now which one you want a bowl full of to eat? I know you like mud.

  3. Ill informed Israelis ? You mean constant rocket barrage and 32 tunnels dug into their country for the sole purpose of killing jewish civilians is – ill informed Israelis ? I think you need some soul searching in Brighton about your own un-informedness !

  4. Mark Topham Lets hear your answers to these questions?Does Israel have a right to exist? What land is being occupied? Why are the people of Gaza firing rockets, digging tunnels, and kidnapping and killing Jewish teenagers. Who massacred thousands of innocent Palestinians? Where do you get these lies from?

  5. Anyone who thinks Israel "occupies" land belonging to othersis an IDIOT! IF Israel were to "roll over" their enemies, Hamas, Fatah, all the blood-thirsty, anti-JEWISH groups. would overrun them. Israel gave the Palestinians Gaza-what more do they want…??? Those who fire rockets into neighboring countries, build tunnels w/intent tokidnap and kill the citizens of that country have NO RIGHTS in the community of the world at large. Israel should keep what land it has-give up NOTHING to their sworn enemies. Each time their enemies went to war to wipe them out-Israel won and anything they have now, they should keep, period.

  6. Mark Topham Sensible, as in there is one way to see this conflict and that is the way you see the facts, otherwise it is absurd. I think the thousand of massacred Palistinians Alan is referring to were murdered in Syria. I don't know if that enrages you in the same way it does when Israel defends itself and Palistinians get killed in that conflict. Who is the Zionist and what do they turn on their head. ? I guess you are right : we live in parallel Universes.

  7. Sharon D. Metro I agree!!! Lets also remember the fact that the so called palestinians are just ARABS and they can go back to Jordan or any other arab land! At the end, the only way for people in Israel to live in peace is by removing all arabs from theri land….muslims cannot live in peace with others, they fail miserably in living in peace with each other, imagine with others!

  8. When will these filthy muslim beasts ever LEARN that they can never destroy Israel. When will they ever learn that it is not the might of Israel's Armies neither their weaponries that they should conquer but that the One whom they are fighting with is THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD. HE IS THE MIGHTY CONQUERER.

  9. @Alan Kardon – Does Israel have a right to exist? A BIG YES. As a matter of fact they are, Living well, breathing, eating, etc., and like anybody else rightfully existing on planet earth.
    Well, Science would tell you that matter occupies space and Israel is living on land, and that land so happens to be the HOLY LAND of Israel.
    Why are the people of Gaza firing rockets, digging tunnels, and kidnapping and killing Jewish teenagers? Why don’t you go ask them, they have all along, and for decades been incurable, terrible blood thirsty, psychopathic. Hatred is their Name, killing is their Game.
    Who massacred thousands of innocent Palestinians? Why the Palestinian beasts of course.
    Where do you get these lies from? Why? These are not lies, Muslim Hamas themselves admitted, go read the press.

  10. Martin Rising Your OPINION is 100% foolish and wrong! I did not say anything racist. I know you are not smart enough to know the definition of racism but let me try educating you for FREE. Arabs like Jewish are part of the same RACE. So they cannot be racist to each other….they can hate each other and we all know most muslims are full of hatred and envy and bitterness and do hate non muslims. Thats a fact! Islam is NOT a religion of peace. Muslims hate everybody else. They had proven that for centuries. There are some Arabs that are christians and member of other minority religions that are peaceful, too peaceful if you ask me! Martin, ignorant people like you are are very dangerous. Most liberal/leftie jews hate themselves. They were the ones that helped Hitler and Stalin kill millions! Leftie jews are very dangerous! Like all lefties in the planet. They dont use logic or common sense. They fail miserably in understanding history and human behavior. You want to understand "racist" behavior then READ the Koran and read what the leaders of the muslim people write every day!!!!! They are full of bigotry! Talk to them about "tolerance".

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