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US President Barack Obama and Random Victims

This is how President Obama described the terror attack in Paris against French Jews in a Kosher Supermarket…

“It is entirely legitimate for the American people to be deeply concerned when you’ve got a bunch of violent, vicious zealots who behead people or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris.”

Its all random…it just randomly happened that the religiously unaffiliated zealots chose a Jewish target.


And don’t mention “Radical Islam” at all costs.

Go to the video tape at 1:45:


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  1. This scum of a President! When he says describing "violent, vicious zealots" does he mean "PETA" or "GREENPEACE"? Call it what it is Islamic psychopaths or approximately 1/4 of all Muslims who would commit or support jihad and sharia law. I pity American that the POTUS is spineless wretch who equates sins committed by Christians a millennium ago with Islamic insanity; a President who cannot identify anti-Semitism when the terrorist himself bragged of it.
    A fool, as are those who follow and yet believe in him

  2. He is such an …..YES I SAID IT AND I DON'T GIVE A RATS ASS IF IT OFFENDS ANYONE. How can anyone…including the Jewish left in the US vote for this piece of . "Am Israel Chai"…. Omaggot you and your minions can't destroy us…Hashem will deal with you all

  3. Uh so he is black. He is a Muslim? Plus he doesn’t write his speaches. Who runs the government in the USA? Sure in the hell not Obama! Not any of the President`s. Wake up. Smell the coffee. Cuz is it a shock to you that he doesn’t have anything to do except let other people talk for him. He is paid to do that and all the prior presidents.

  4. I think this is one of the most annoying quotes I have heard from
    President Obama:
    “It is entirely legitimate for the American people to be deeply concerned when you've got a bunch of violent, vicious zealots who behead people or RANDOMLY SHOOT A BUNCH OF FOLKS in a deli in Paris.”
    Its all random…it just randomly happened that the religiously unaffiliated zealots chose a Jewish target. And don’t mention “Radical Islam” at all costs."
    WOW–Just unbelievable !!!!!!!

  5. Where is the American news media? Until our media opens it mouth and exposes this insanity, what do you expect? His comments not only show his ignorance, it opens the door to unbridled anti Semitism. Where are my Jewish brothers and sisters? You can’t be this foolish!

  6. With all of the supermarkets, bread shops, cheese shops in Paris, the terrorists pick a Kosher supermarket and it is just RANDOM! If you believe that, I have bridge to sell you in New York City, cheap.

  7. “It is entirely legitimate for the American people to be deeply concerned when you’ve got a bunch of violent, vicious zealots who behead ipeople or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris.” yes, it appears random to us…i am sure it was planned out and targeted…

  8. So these “random zealots” who happen to be Muslim, just randomly chose a kosher market and randomly slayed random jews but left the sole Muslim employee alive. The employee who must be commended for his heroics in saving shoppers by hiding them in a freezer.

    I think I’m going to randomly choose to attack some random people. At a mosque. Nothing to do with their religion. Just random. If there happen to be muslim victims, I suppose that’ll be random, too.

  9. Pres. Obama is correct as any person shopping in that store was “random” at that time….This doesn’t take away the horror of the events. You lose any credence when you attack the President in such an ignorant manner…..and yes, I am a proud and practicing Jew!

  10. I find Obama's description taking outrageous to a new level He should realize firstly that when bleeding is at the vicious intentional act and it deserves to lead in the news even when the scope of the disaster is less than a natural disaster.

    I can imagine Obama at the time of the Holocaust describing it as the random acts of a bunch of zealots in control.. His description here itself unfortunately is not random but rather deliberate and rooted in his own insensitivity and underlying bigotry.

  11. Karen Gershman Miller look into YOUR mirror. The mistake is YOURS if you think he’s anything but openly anti-Semitic. Not just in words but in action and inaction. ALL intentional. If he’s not actually saying so he’s a politician; he lies for a living

  12. He should just stop talking so much and ride out the rest of his presidency at this point. He can say anything because he knows he doesn’t have to run again But some of the comments here are ridiculous. I don’t like him at all. I voted for Sarah palin rather than him

  13. That's why as good as it's been for Jews in America we've got to realize nothing is forever and our history has been time and time again things change for us and radically. Our margin for error is very small and we need Israel to be there for us. American Jews are too complaisant and afraid to be identified with Israel's policies. We are our own worst enemies when we (by the way like Obama in this interview) fail to identify what's real from what we wish for.

  14. He doesn't state that the zealots were "unaffiliated" and there's nothing in his statement to suggest that he meant that the victims were targeted at random. His intended meaning is plainly that the incident was random with respect to temporal and geographic unpredictability.

  15. barack Hussein obamas brain works randomly. he likes using the word folks in describing muslim terrorists. these are not folks they are terrorists. deal with it barack Hussein.folks generally means people down to earth and not dregs of the world..

  16. That Islamic thug did not shoot up Marché Bastille. He did not attack the Paris Flea Market Saxe or the Aligre Market on Place d’Aligre.
    He didn’t travel to Lafenestre to the Avenue Georges to unleash his hatred in Puces de Vanves. Nor did he murder people in the name(and spirit) of Allah and the Prophet at the Marché International de Rungis.
    Coulibaly went to Porte de Vincennes to the kosher Hypercasher to target, with full intent, Jews.


  17. Somehow nothing Obama, the Radical Islamist, says or does surprises me. He detests the U.S., he detests Israel, he hates all Americans – black and white, he surrounds himself with the likes of Muslim Valerie Jarrett.

    Israel is God's Country and He will sustain and protect her.
    Unfortunately, the U.S. chose 'political correctness' and blatantly expelled Him from the U.S. and we have become offensive to Him.

    When the morality goes from a Country the Country soon follows.

  18. That's all he knows how to do Campaigner in Chief. The only difference is….now it is 'in your face' to anyone who disagrees with him. So sad that the Communists in Congress bolster and encourage him. So sad that liberals are so shallow that all they care about is their sexual immorality and what 'freebies' are given to keep them living on the Plantations and substituting Indoctrination for education.

  19. I am on the same page as most here but Obama didn't call the terrorists "folks' ,he called the victims "random folks." By mentioning random he really didn't imply that they weren't Jewish or Jews weren't specifically picked, he is saying the shooting was random meaning there was no exact target within the shop like the Charlie people – the scum randomly shot all the people in the there.

  20. randomly shooting whoever was in there-no specific target- even though he specifically selected a shop catering to Jews and in a Jewish district in Paris. TRue random does minimize Jewish victims

  21. I just listened to this interview and came away with a very different take than most of you. I imagine that if you take any part of this excerpt and twist his words, you can make them suit any agenda. That, however, lacks integrity and honesty. If you leave the hyperbole and crazy talk at the door (ie. he detests the US, Israel, etc.) and address what Obama really said to this journalist, you will do what most media is missing today…. legitimate dialogue about important issues, not gotcha journalism. In the first part of this interview,Obama is speaking about just THAT…..yellow journalism, sensationalist stories that much of the media sells as "news," instead of the fiction it really is. Why" Simple. It titillates, sucks you in and makes them more $. Obama wishes that more time was devoted to urgent global issues such as poverty, climate change, healthcare. He did NOT exclude terrorism or minimize the urgency to deal with it. He simply stated that there are additional pressing issues. This Harvard educated lawyer is highly intelligent and analytical. Have you ever tried to take and pass the and Bar? If you did, you would have a difficult time selling anyone on words such as, "I didn't think he could top his own stupidity…" We should all be so "stupid!" If you are intellectually honest, and stop cruising for an emotional scapegoat, you have to admit that Obama is the leader of the free world and must deal with the BIG issues. He does not have the luxury of rolling around in the mud like most corporate media and blogs like this. He, like many scholars and leaders realize, that if you focus on eradicating poverty, inequality, etc. you can start to eliminate the recruiting tools of the terrorists who appeal to angry, hopeless people that they use to carry out their malignant, twisted agendas. Obama emphasized that it is necessary to be "vigilant and aggressive toward the violent, vicious zealots who randomly shoot innocents." He acknowledged that he and the US devote enormous resources, (aka BILLIONS to Israel, etc.), to do that every week. To say that Obama is a "pro- Muslim anti-semite, socialist, hates Israel, hates Jews, hates America…" is lunacy. He and the US are Israel's fiercest advocates and protectors. Several people understood that Obama was not saying the Parisian terrorist attack was not anti-semitic, he just meant that the 'random' shooting of everyone and anyone in the store, was simply that, random. The intent was to kill, terrorize and inflame…..much like the 9/11 terrorists who killed Muslims along with Christians and Jews. These people are murderers and religious fanatics who interpret religious tomes to wrongly justify mass murder. So, when I see an article title such as this one, that is used to inflame …I can't help but wonder about the integrity of the author and his interpretation.

  22. I only pray, that Penny Pritzker, and all the other liberal left of Jewish origin would see the truth, pull their money and their support from this man. May you help to fuel that fire to recall support and fund those who stand with Israel. He has insulted Jews with these comments, he has insulted Christians with comparison of ISIS to the Crusades and he has insulted his own with comparisons to the Jim Crow laws of the last century. May God help us ……

  23. The President is right,not all Muslims are bad no!but few uncivilised who are against seeing harmonious World.We also have gud ood ones here in Kenya lo!They av bn condemned by their Religious leaders.It raises eyebrows seeing such calculated targetting specific pple,indeed barbaric act in this modern civilisation!!Those are few who claim to act on behalf of Muslims but none of the good ones sent them,Julie~

  24. According to his (obama’s) prophet; the sun sets in a pile of mud..or something like that. He needs to ‘go’..he needs to be ‘removed’. The only way possible, that I can see, would be a military coup via patriotic/PRO-Israel factions of our military.

  25. You are deluding yourself Charlie Hall if you think Obama's remarks are correct. IF you are a Jew, as your contact photo states, I hope you do NOT live anywhere in Europe where those Muslims continue on their "random" rampages. If you are Jewish and continue to live in France, I hope you have someone to say Kaddish for you, then a "kaddishele" for that person, and on and on.

  26. Obama no doubt is an apologist of Islamism. After all his top advisors are leaders of CAIR affiliates of Muslim Brotherhood in US. Really shocking state of affairs. Remember the massacre of US Ambassador in Libya by Islamic terrorists – still Obama refused to utter the word "terrorist Islamists". Obama position is the same as many other Arab Muslim leaders. And that's why Obama, Kerry were the only western leaders absent at the Paris solidarity march.

  27. He could have said "a bunch of … *Muslim* zealots randomly slaughtering *Jews* in a *Kosher* Deli in Paris". That's what's wrong with what he said (well, of course, except for the part where he says he doesn't blame the press and then in the next sentence blames them that it's all about the rating).

  28. I agree Sally . I don't believe it was malicious . It would be akin to a shooter going into a school and killing students . The shooter was after students in the same way the Muslim terrorist was after killing Jews . Neither knew beforehand who they would kill only that they were Jews or students . That makes it random killing ie not knowing the specific victims . It was poor wording rather than anything sinister and believe me I'm the first to call out anything remotely offensive .

  29. Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah, Abbas, Kaled Meshaal, Ayatollah Komenei, George Waters, George Galloway, etc,etc,
    For G-Ds sake find this FOOL a retierment home and quick.,,,,

    " It is entirely legitimate for the American people to be deeply concerned when you’ve got a "bunch of violent, vicious zealots" who behead people or randomly shoot a "bunch of folks" in a deli in Paris.”

  30. Christina, you are being disingenuous when you write that when Obama said the word "randomly", he meant the "random shooting of everyone and anyone in the store." Once he entered the store, Coulibaly very likely chose his victims at random, but there is no denying that he targeted Jews and murdered his victims because there were Jewish. This mindset of Obama falls in line with his describing the Fort Hood Massacre as workplace violence and not radical Islamic terrorism.The innocent victims, may G-d avenge their souls, were killed because and ONLY because they were Jews.

  31. The fact is Obama turns himself into a pretzel to avoid calling a spade a spade, by avoiding the usage of the following words "Jew," (bunch of folks), radical islamists, (vicious zealots), and kosher supermarket (deli). Therefore, I have every reason to believe that when he used the word "randomly" he used it purposely to avoid saying "deliberately targeting." Case closed.

  32. The more I hear Obama speak and his approach in world affairs, the more I am inclined to believe that it was a Muslim long term plan to plant a Muslim president into the Whitehouse, as from day one most of Obama's foreign policies approach, brought the mess the world is in today. It is high time that he is replaced before he can make more damage (like Iran Nuclear) that he already has done. Lets wake up and admit that we did a mistake as never has been so much turmoil created by Muslims all across the world as in the years that Obama took office.

  33. Tulli Padwa
    Your comment is without foundment, and Grossly Wrong.
    The Terrorist Coulibaly, Knew exactly what his Goal was, As he was part of the Charlie Hebdo Gang. His Intentions were to go to the Kosher Market and Kill as many JEWS as he could, His Get away car ( A Stolen one) was parked not far from the Market,, and in a Video posted online After he was Killed By the french Anti Terrorists Police,proves that Fact.,, ,in which he claims to be on a Jihad mission to Kill the Jews.. So Please , get your Facts right before commenting "Your Post is simply INCORRECT"

  34. I don't understand how America lets Obama get up the preaching his lies to the nations alover the world . This President has shown us what a antisemite he is time and time again. The Americans as a whole deserve a President that will protect its people not opening our borders so that ISIS can make their way into America, wait I forgot Obama is a Muslim and I am sure that he is getting lots of funding from his fellow Arab friends. He needed to be impeached during his last term we need to start the proceedings right away.

  35. Tony Mark All true. Obama did not deny any of that. What he said was that the terrorist did not know in advance who he was going to kill – unlike the Hebdo crew. It means that whoever you are you should be worried because any of us could have been in that shop. He could have added that the shop ws targetted because it was Jewish but that would mean if you are not Jewish or do not draw cartoons you are safe. That would have been false!

  36. Tulli Padwa
    I guess you did not read my Comment properly;; Obama is the one who does not KNOW what he's talking about. and Like I said, COULIBALY KNEW EXACTLY WHO HE INTENDED TO KILL,, If you understand French, He states that in his Pos tmortem Video.,

    The Kosher Market was On HIS LIST., and yes many other french NON JEWS shop there too, But I'll say this again, HIS INTENTIONS WERE TO KILL JEWS,, and any other person that would have been there would have died.

    The Young Black guy who saved Some other Jews by hiding them in the cold storage room, Testified too that He would have been killed had he been in the shop

    Coulibalys other two accomplices, whos intentions were to KILL the Charlie Hebdo journalists,,,They too killed A floor Manager a Superintendant,and A COP.,,Those Victimes,,are Obama's RANDOM VICTIMES,,, Because they were not INTENDED VICTIMES.

  37. Obama is nothing more then a disgrace to the office he holds. Shame on those Jewish Leaders who "allow" him to continue without calling him out in public. He is nothing more then an Antisemitic fool who displays his lack on knowledge every time he speaks. How about a million person march on Washington to demand he resigns?

  38. Christina…poverty, really? I don't recall any of the 911 terrorists being 'dirt poor'. How many of the western daish fighters are poor (monitarily)? No, it't their belief system that is poor.

  39. Please consider how your heart feels. In the presence of injustice and loss blaming and not identifying here what the real issues are just create havoc and discordance inside of oneself and the people of the world. it is high time if you see an injustice then it is yours to heal. How can this be healed is the question. And not through hate and anger through heart and future building better than what we have done this far. Love and light blessings to all.


    born Jews and were randomly at a Parisian deli that randomly served and sold kosher food to Jews, were randomly shot by Jew haters randomly belonging to a Jew hating religion randomly founded by a Jew hating prophet who also randomly killed Jews who ate kosher food randomly far from Paris.

    Now it's all beginning ti make sense.

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