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MK Ayelet Shaked with Brigadier Gen. Gadi Agmon

Israel is under attack. Since last week, Hamas terrorists have fired more than 1000 rockets at our civilian centers, launching those rockets from residential enclaves, kindergartens and hospitals, exposing their own children to harm as they try to kill our children.

There’s no ambiguity among our allies as to Israel’s right to defend her citizens. In fact, many Arab voices, in Egypt and elsewhere, have condemned Hamas, blaming it for the tragedy it is bringing on the heads of its own people.


Sadly, the militant, leftist propaganda machine has not changed its tune, looking for every opportunity to make Israel the culprit in a war she did not desire and which she entered reluctantly, after days of increasing provocation.

I refer specifically to “Daily Beast” writer Gideon Resnick, who so misrepresented the facts in one of my recent Facebook posts, one has to wonder if his hatred for my country hasn’t rendered him outright useless to his website and his readers.

In a story headlined “Israeli Politician Declares War on the Palestinian People,” Resnick actually suggested I compared Palestinian children to “little snakes,” and accused me of fomenting Palestinian genocide. This vilification was later picked up by several bloggers and reporters, all of whom were convinced of this frightening notion, without even a scrap of fact or truth.

Let’s start with my July 1 Facebook post. It was written some 12 years ago, but never published, by a dear man, the recently departed journalist Uri Elitzur. The gist of his article was that once one side in a war attacks the other side’s civilians, they can no longer morally claim a special status for their own civilians.

Go ahead, ask a Hebrew speaking friend to translate it for you, they’ll confirm this is what my Facebook post was about. But you’ll find not a trace of that in Resnick’s account. Perhaps it’s his own ignorance of the Hebrew language. After all, he got the text from Electronic Intifada, a website dedicated to daily and hourly vilification of my country.

All Resnick had to do to make Elitzur’s sober, legally minded discussion sound like a speech made by Hitler himself, was to cherry pick words out of context. A call for the indiscriminate killing of children is a terrible thing. But what if the statement was that any time you attack our children, you’re exposing your own people to the same fate? Still unsettling, but rational when you consider their civilian population is actively supporting and participating in their war and terror efforts. It’s not a call for indiscriminate murder.

And then Resnick turned to character assassination. He cited an attack on me by Haaretz. They said I was “representative of an ideology unembarrassed by its racism.”

Haaretz, unfortunately, may look like the NY Times, but it is far from being a liberal, curious newspaper in the Anglo Saxon tradition. Expecting Haaretz to write about a political opponent like myself in an honest, informative—if critical—manner, is a little like expecting Gideon Resnick to offer an unbiased, honest citation from a pro-Zionist post.

And so, when Haaretz, read by a mere 30,000 Israelis, give or take, says I’m racist – I’d look for a more reliable source.

Then, in a second article, Resnick also sneaks in the dumb female bit: “the 38-year-old Shaked is also frequently the target of subtle sexism, at best referred to as ‘a young and pretty secular woman.’” And the citation is from – you guessed it, Haaretz. In fact, Electronic Intifada and Haaretz are Resnick’s only sources, other than his brutalization of the Elitzur piece.

Resnick’s distortions aside, the fact is that international pressure on Israel has not yielded peace because Israel is not starting the wars.

1. Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are engaged in terrorism, one overtly, the other in a supportive role. Money is being transferred from the PA to the families of suicide bombers and convicted murderers in Israeli jails. The pay is actually based on the number and severity of the murders committed. The more gruesome the murder, the larger the number of Israeli victims, the higher the monthly reward.

Can anyone deny it?

2. Palestinian education today is based on violence and incitement against Israelis and Jews. Palestinian textbooks and Palestinian media ceaselessly promote Jew hatred. They praise Jew murderers. Their heroes and celebrities are Jew killers. They name streets and traffic circles after killers of Jewish children.

Can anyone deny it?

At the same time, the murder of Jerusalem teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir was immediately condemned by all of Israel’s society.

As a Knesset Member, I can assure you his murderers, once convicted for their terrible crime, will remain in prison for the rest of their lives.

We will certainly not name streets after them.

3. In Israel we protect our citizens from incoming Hamas missiles.

Hamas, on the other hand, positions its missile launchers in the midst of civilian enclaves, using women and children as human shields against Israeli raids.

Just the other day, the world watched a Hamas spokesman admitting they instructed civilians not to leave their Gaza homes during air strikes, in order to protect those arsenals of weapons.

Each Palestinian rocket coming out of Gaza represents two separate war crimes: one for purposely targeting a civilian population in Israel, the other for launching from within their own civilian population.

Not many journalists bother to share this information with their readers. It confuses the narrative, messes with the David and Goliath scenario.

Our residents in southern Israel have endured these missiles for more than 14 years. Many children and teens have known only life in a war zone. This past week, all our urban centers were targeted. How would you expect our government to react? How would you want your own government to deal with a similar onslaught on your neighborhood? What do you want us to do? Lie down and die?

The late Uri Elitzur wrote so eloquently in the article I cited on Facebook:

“The laws of war acknowledge that it is impossible to avoid hitting enemy civilians. Those laws did not condemn the British airforce for firebombing and completely destroying the German city of Dresden, or US planes for wrecking the cities of Poland and half of Hungary’s Budapest, whose residents had never done anything against America. Those sites had to be destroyed in order to win the war against evil.”

Israel’s fight against Hamas terrorism is similar to NATO’s war on Al-Qaeda terrorism. Moreover, Israel is the only state who is notifying civilians to leave their homes before an attack by texting them.

Israel has no agenda against Arab civilians in Gaza, just as the US has none against Arabs in any of the countries where it’s conducting its now 13-year war to preserve civilization from violent barbarism.

We want a good life, with peace and prosperity for all the eight million plus people living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

Indeed, if the Arab society enjoys prosperity, so will Jewish society, and vice versa. let me be very clear I condemn any kind of assault against innocent civilians, whether they are Jews or Arabs.

But in order to get there, they must stop firing rockets at us.

The madness of Hamas continued yesterday after Israel embraced an Egyptian call for a ceasefire. Hamas rejected the offer, and as of now has been shooting at all over Israel with renewed vigor.

Israelis are so used to the scene where we offer our hand in peace and the other side reacts by trying to cut it off, that we’re not even surprised. What does surprise us, time and again, are the voices in the West, like Resnick’s, which pin the blame for this madness on us. As in that famous quip: “It all started when Israel retaliated.”

As an aside, I’ll point out that a week later The Daily Beast finally removed one blatant lie from Resnick’s original article, where he accused me of being the author of statements I never made.

But this correction is too little, too late, the damage has already been done.

And so, you must ask yourselves, do you really want to continue getting your news reports about my country from writers who view the truth as little more than a needless inconvenience?


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Ayelet Shaked is a Member of Knesset for the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party, and currently the chair person of the faction. From 2006- 2008 Shaked served as office director for Benjamin Netanyahu.


  1. Excellent, excellent article…am I allowed to say excellent a third time? Shaked also exposes the gist of your average commenter’s pronouncements as reflective of their prejudicial or biased preconceptions. The terms knee-jerk, and bandwagon come to mind.

  2. You write all the time about the Hammas offensive – what about the Israeli Army offensive and its results. Was it justified to kill one child on a beach and then target his friends as they ran away? You ask in your article twice ‘Can anyone deny it?’ You are making the allegations – therefore can you prove them?

  3. It’s kind of off topic, but “I find it strange” that the leader of the Canadian Liberal party just accepted the fact that Israel is having a righteous war on some stupid terrorists.
    But the Canadian bolshy party still cheerleading for Hamas. May I ask the poetic question; How come the commies all around the world kiss the Muslim terrorists’ anuses?

  4. I vehemently disagree with said “journalist” she quoted about the lifting of human rights for children based on what a bogeyman does. It is a completely immoral argument. And really, if you take a people’s land and you have not reduced their number sufficiently (like with my people, Native Americans) or deport them en masse (like with the Circassians in Sochi, Russia) these problems will never end. A people will want to be a people and the more children you harm the longer this thing will go on.

  5. I can’t make this make sense…. I’m reading as much as I can about it. My feeling is that she didn’t anticipate the way what she posted would be taken, but I can’t just go read it, so I don’t know. It’s frustrating to feel so at a loss for answers that are definite.

  6. Then I should suggest to further make the point against the killing of palestinian children and civilians you tried to make, to make a public statement where you condemn your contry’s retaliation that has cause a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, a crisis you have a major responsability

  7. Your link to the post is no longer working.
    Did you figure out that facebook will translate the page into any language, and that there is no need to seek out a Hebrew speaking person to translate it?

  8. To recognize the palestinian State, that´s what Israel must do to end the war. It’s time to share territory but instead of that, Israel’s government seems to keep his 70 years selfish strategy. Don´t wonder then why do confrontations still subsist.

    Israel politicians (including you AYELET) are the main responsibles for many killings during all these years. All of you will pay it sooner or later.

    Greetings from Mexico. By the way politicians in my country will pay it too. It’s so sad that mexican government supports exclusively yours and USA’s, unlike most of the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. We´re the empire’s balcony.

  9. It is interesting to note that Ayled Shaked does not refute what it is reported that she said. Instead she attacks the character of the source that reported it. Even if the reporting is half true, her comments are deplorable!!!! After watching many DIFFERENT reports, I have come to the belief that the Gazan citizens are in a situation like the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto. Has Fascism taken over Israel??

  10. Jure, Are you saying that the Israeli army didn’t kill 4 children playing on a beach in Gaza? I didn’t refer to any video in my posting – so I don’t know what you are referring to.

  11. Who exactly made the comments about Palestinians being snakes, and the need to prevent little snakes being raised? Where did these appear? Those facts would help.

  12. She said herself that the original writer of the piece was the late journalist Uri Elitzur, and that it was an unpublished article of his. She’s now deleted the post in which she quotes it. Which you would think if it was so innocent there would be no need to do. Snakes are mentioned, though. That’s a fact. And mothers. I think she would have us believe that there is some different meaning to be derived from the language used. But doesn’t explain this alternate meaning for our enlightenment.

  13. “Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there.”

    I haven’t yet seen anyone claim that that isn’t an accurate translation.

  14. The US has not been conducting a “13-year war to preserve civilization from violent barbarism.” The US has been conducting a prolonged geopolitical operation which has succeeded in toppling most secular Arab governments and replacing them with Islamist militants, while leaving the principle Arab author of the 9/11 attacks, Saudi Arabia, untouched. The U.S., along with its mentor, the U.K., has destabilized the entire region, as a prelude to a confrontation with its perceived competitors, Russia and China. Israel has stupidly allowed itself to be a pawn in this game, while offering the Palestinians the same treatment, with the same sorts of rationalizations, that the Jews were given in the Warsaw ghetto.

  15. I believe that she was quoting it in an approving sense but apparently not a literal one. She says she meant, “The gist of his article was that once one side in a war attacks the other side’s civilians, they can no longer morally claim a special status for their own civilians.”

    We don’t have to like her or approve of her, but if a person has explained a statement they have made, it seems pointless to say, “That’s not what you truly meant”, especially if another language is involved.

  16. Angela Kennedy I certainly don’t think Ms Shaked was deliberately misquoted. And if her party has any media advisers, they probably need to seek a new career.

  17. Katharine A Gilchrist It appears to be the use of ‘othering’ language, to make people seem less than human: and snakes of course, traditionally seen as dangerous, bad etc.

  18. Katharine A Gilchrist Thanks for this Katharine. It still looks like Shaked put up an essay, which makes these comments about Palestinians being snakes, in approval. If this really is not the case, what she needs to do is (a) acknowledge the comments and apologise to the Palestinians for being associated with such a comment, or (b) show exactly if the essay does NOT linguistically treat Palestinians as snakes and their children as little snakes. The above apologia just does not cut it.

  19. I tried to go read the original Hebrew article as Ms Shaked suggested, the link is broken. It appears Ms Shaked has removed it from her Facebook page. I wonder why. Maybe it wasn’t as innocent as she makes out?

  20. Israel must recognize the Palestinian state to end this war. Now is the time to share territory, but rather, Israel’s government remains adamant about the same selfish strategy they have pursued for the last seventy years. Why then, do they wonder why the confrontations still exist?

    Israeli politicians (including AYELET) bear the most responsibility for killings over the years. You will pay sooner or later.

    Greetings from Mexico, my politicians will pay in time, too, for they are not saints. Sad that our Mexican government supports exclusively Israel and the USA, unlike most countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. We’re the empire’s bitch.

  21. I agree with everything but your comment on Israel. Israel is our only true friend in the middle east and they are surrounded by enemies wanting to eliminate them from the map. We should stand by Israel.

  22. Jewish Home Party’s own policies break international law. Can anyone deny this? And I did have a jewish friend of mine translate your piece and tho agreed with you that the Daily beast didn’t do a great job he did affirm that you are quite the racist. Can anyone deny it? NO

  23. If you say those things were taken out of context why don’t you publish the comments in the entire context instead of going back into anti Hamas statements? This sounds more like anti Hamas Propaganda rather than a rebuttal to the claims that were made.

  24. What I am indignant about here is that the original manuscript of the article is nowhere to be found. Why is she not being given the opportunity to defend herself in our presses. I regard that as immoral. I frown on that. More power to your press for having gone against the grain and shown the truth!

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