Vivian Perez teaches classes in Tanya and the Torah portion of the week (both in English and Spanish) in Bal Harbour, Florida.
The Tanya is a holy book, written by the founder of the Chabad Lubavitch movement, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi. The Tanya explains the essence of the Jewish soul, as well as the mechanics of creation, the infinite quality of G-d, and the structure of the human personality.

Every Jew has two souls–a Nefesh Behamit, the animal soul, and the Nefesh Elokit, the G-dly soul. The G-dly soul is constantly pulling us up to do the right thing, to be kind, to elevate ourselves, and the animal soul pulls us downward to satisfy our bodily cravings. The two souls are in a constant battle inside our own bodies. Vivian teaches us that in order to overcome our animal soul, we need to understand where everything in our life is coming from–Hashem (G-d.) Nothing happens to us that we are not meant to experience. There is a mirror from the spiritual world into the physical world. The circumstances and situations that manifest in our physical world (the things that happen to us) are a direct reflection of what is happening to our soul in the spiritual realm.


When we are faced with a particular challenge, the way we handle that challenge depends on WHO WE ARE. There is no cookie cutter answer for everyone. Vivian explains this concept in depth and it is phenomenal and mind-blowing. Completely life changing!

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Vera Kessler is a wife and mother of three children whose goal in life is to inspire Jewish women to live their lives with meaning and a strong connection to Hashem. As a vehicle for this mission, she created the America's Top Rebbetzins podcast, where she interviews inspiring rebbetzins who share their words of wisdom and unique insights on living a life filled with clarity and purpose.