Photo Credit: David Ha'ivri

A political campaign in Hungary placed public billboards with picture of George Soros and the wording “Let’s Not Let Soros Have the Last Laugh”. On today’s show David Ha’ivri will ask does this campaign show any signs of anti semitism? Is criticising the meddling of one particular individual who happens to be Jewish consist of anti-semitism? If one individual invests heavily in shaping the affairs of other countries by supporting the work left wing NGOs should that be a stain on the entire Jewish people and should we all be called to protect him from criticism even if these activities are not in Jewish interest.

On the flip side of the this discussion we will explore the calls of certain Jewish institutions Jews to disassociate from British activist Tommy Robinson because of his anti-Islamization agenda in the UK. David will call in Israeli Social Media personality Brian of London to share some perspective on both issues and answer the basic question “Is the term antisemitism being manipulated in these cases and others to serve a political agenda apart from directly combating antisemitism.


A Hebrew in the Heartland 11July2017 – PODCAST


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