Photo Credit: Abu Ali Express / al-Mayadeen Screenshot - Fair Use
Screenshot from Lebanese reporter trying to cover up Islamic Jihad misfire. August 7, 2022

The Lebanese al-Mayadeen broadcasted the following clip today live at around 15:00, documenting rockets being launched from the Gaza Strip. At one point, one of the rockets makes a sharp U-turn and lands in the heart of a populated area in the Gaza Strip.

The reporter, immediately realizing that they’ve exposed a PIJ scandal on live TV, hints at the cameraman, saying that “the rockets are flying into the sea”. He says this several times, but the cameraman does not get the hint, focusing instead on the rocket that landed in a populated area.


The reporter then nervously tells his cameraman: “I’m asking you to turn the camera away!!” (00:40)

Unbelievable. Arab media is doing everything it can to cover up the PIJ’s war crimes.

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