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This National Geographic short is edge of your seat stuff. If you own a hamster or a bunny, don’t let them in the room when you’re watching this.

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  1. Even the dead trees and leaves are amazing when you compare this planet to others. In all the universe, where else can we find such life? And when we consider the rarity of life in the universe and how fragile life is and how there are many things that threaten all life on the planet, we should realize that all living things are in fact, endangered.

    Even the ants, which no man can count, are an endangered species. We are on the same list. We share that list with the black rhinos of the world as well. But only one among all the species has been tasked with protecting creation, and that species has done a horrible job at it lately. And I'm not sure we'll be given a second chance and a second planet when we proven that we weren't up to the task. Not every tree reproduces its leaves after the winter has fallen.

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