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A group of 71 British physicians have approached the World Medical Association (WMA) demanding to revoke the membership of the Israeli Medical Association, was revealed in a Wednesday meeting of the Knesset Science and Technology Committee dealing with boycotts against Israeli academic institutions.

Chairman of the Committee of University Heads, Technion President Prof. Peretz Lavie, said during the debate, “We have no complaints against the world academic leadership. Our problem is with the campuses. In the beginning this took place in marginal campuses, but very quickly it spread to leading campuses in the US. The students who are being exposed to these activities will be the next generation’s senators, and this is where the long-term danger is hidden. The American Anthropological Association wrote in its report that we are apartheid universities. The same association decided to conduct a referendum, should they boycott Israeli academia. We must reach every single one of the 12,000 association members. This is a symptom, and if we don’t act the fire will spread. There must be one authority in charge of this issue.”


Prof. Zvi Ziegler, Professor emeritus at the Technion and Chairman of Israel’s Inter-University Senate, said, “There exists a hidden boycott among academic staff members. It’s still below the surface, because they still think it’s illegitimate. We don’t manage to stop the flood with our measly resources. I am very concerned about the future.”

The representative for Ariel University, former MK Yigal Cohen Orgad, clarified how difficult it is to deal with the boycotts. “We’re having a real problem with governments, including Western governments who are pushing for boycotts. We are collaborating with Palestinian researchers to improve water quality in Judea and Samaria — European countries are pushing not to issue budgets for this project.”

IMA representative Dr. Zeev Feldman, who told the committee about the actions of 71 anti-Israeli British physicians, said, “The sword of the boycott has been raised against the scientific medical community in Israel.” He said Israel’s medical doctors are “in grave danger! The professional British journals have adopted the idea of letters to the editor that libel Israel doctors. They claim our doctors perform medical torture on Palestinian patients.”

Committee chairman MK Uri Maklev (UTJ) said, “There’s no doubt the phenomenon of academic boycotts is spreading and is connected to the economic and consumer boycotts against Israel. The economic and commercial boycott has a political rather than an essential connotation; on the other hand, an academic boycott being carried out by educated and moderate people would have a serious effect.”

MK Nachman Shai (Zionist Camp) said, “I’m troubled by the fact that the BDS movement never stops, and we constantly discover new developments. While the Israeli government is yet to discover a solution for it.”

MK Basel Ghattas (Joint Arab List) sided with the boycotts. “The world believes the settlements are illegal,” he said. “You can believe differently, it’s your right. But it’s also the right of the world to take steps to force you to create two states. The fact that Netanyahu signed the Horizon 2020 agreement (excluding Judea and Samaria from EU scientific investments) was the biggest boycott. The government of Israel determined that the settlements are not part of Israel. The reality is that thousands of students are prevented from leaving Gaza to study in university. As academic institutions you have neglected to initiate moral means of preventing the occupation. There are even Jewish professors who believe in imposing the boycott because it’s the most cost-effective move without shedding blood.”

MK Anat Berko (Likud) said, “The boycott I a kind of jihad in a suit.” She noted that “even when left-wing lecturers speak abroad, their lectures get blown up. It’s because they’re Jewish, no matter their political belief.” She suggested establishing a “special forces” unit to act to solve this issue around the world.


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  1. 71 doctors demand banning Israel, but not doctor’s who have fought for ISIS. Not even in Saudi Arabia do you have doctors who have volunteered for ISIS. This is how fanatical Britain has become.

    But Obama is campaigning to get European governments to boycott Israel. It’s all from him and all the Americans do is sit on their hands…

  2. 71 virgin British doctors? What happened to the 72nd?

    I wonder if all these "doctors" names start with Ahmed and Mohamed.
    Only one thing is missing now: All these 71 morons shall blow themselves up to prove how peaceful they are.

    And since I am at it, I also wonder when will they call for the boycott of the British Medical Association (or whatever is its name) because racist and apartheid England is still illegally occupy Northern Ireland.

  3. Hard to believe! Something is terribly wrong with them and anyplace in the world that will not accept Israel's study of medicine in every field of medicine to help the world at large.
    What is wrong with everybody BDSing Israel. They don't understand with their prejudice can cause them and the rest who go along with them. Oh my! Just plain ol antisemitism by what it really is. They are only hurting themelves not Isreal. Am Yisrael Chai!

  4. I can understand the anger this has stirred, but how minor is 71 out of the the UK, more than likely these 71 are either radical Muslims or are brain dead through drinking to much camel piss, I am not Jewish but I support Israel totally, and I loath anyone who lives their life to vilify Israel's name, but I also love my wee country too which happens to be Northern Ireland, so please Miki Bacsi do not make it look like the country you seem to believe it is

  5. I agree with some of the comments that knowing the British medical scene it is very likely most of those doctors are of Muslim origin.
    At the same time we should not fool ourselves it is also likely their initiative will spread and gain wider support as we see it everywhere else regardless of logic or reason.
    I do not think any "special forces" or PR, nor pumping millions of dollars into propaganda would help as the whole boycott campaign is illogical.
    I do not think Jews or Israel should waste any effort or resorces on fighting this directly.

    The world is falling apart as we speak, everybody sinks into desperate helplessness, crisis.
    They will realize very soon how much they need Jews, Israel for their survival.
    Provided of course that we start showing them a positive example, providing them with a real "remedy".

    Only the unique "Jewish method", unity and mutual responsibility above and despite inherent differences, above inherent distrust and hatred can provide platform for mutually complementing cooperation.
    And without such mutually complementing cooperation life is impossible in a globally interconnected and interdependent world.
    Everything depends on the unity and mutual responsibility within Israel first of all.

  6. Ernie Williams, I do not expect England to leave Norther Ireland. I just don't like the hypcricy when some Brits are upset about an "occupation" while they can't see that England still occupies certain territories, some far away. Not only Norther Ireland.

    And the territory Israel occupies is actually Israel's rightful part, given to the Jewish people long time ago, among many others, by the British, too.

    But we could talk about Tibet, Kurdistan, the country of the Basque people ..etc. I just wanted to point out the hypocricy of ceratin people. No harm intented.

  7. What is going on ? It just doesn't make sense.
    The Israeli's are progressive Humaterian People.
    So the 71 Doctors , came out of no where and said it.
    I would wonder just who these Doctors are .
    It seems out of character for Doctors anywhere to be so vocal about another Countries ethics .
    When the World is changing, sadly.

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