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It only took three years, but the popular Internet satire program, Latma, has signed a contract with Israel Channel 1, and will be going on the air in February, as first reported in Kipa.

Latma, created by Caroline Glick, was a right-wing satirical response to Israeli political and social current events.


The show was privately funded, and ran for 4 years, until the fundraising work involved became too time consuming for Glick to maintain.

In the interim, Glick negotiated for years with Channel 1 to get the show onto Israeli TV, but Channel 1 always pulled the plug at the last minute.

Until now, political satire programming on Israeli TV has pretty much only been left-wing satire targeting the right and the religious.

It only took a major reform in Israeli broadcasting by Communications Minister Gilad Erdan, the closing of the Israel Broadcasting Agency (IBA), and Knesset Sports and Culture subcommittee discussions to finally get a non-left-wing satire show on the air.

We look forward to seeing it again.



  1. Wonderful timing, because I watched, “Guns, Guns, Guns” yesterday.

    Laughter is a potent weapon to take on those who want to end the 4 thousand year old feud between Jew & Arab by the eradication of Jews.

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