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The State Department has finally turned over to the Republican-run House Select Committee on Benghazi an estimated 1,000 pages of documents, according to military veterans group Special Operations Speaks (SOP). These are reported to include communication between Hillary Clinton’s aide and vice chairwoman for Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign Huma Abedin and US National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

The released documents include hard-copy emails from Secretary of State Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, and Clinton aides Jake Sullivan and Human Abedin, as well as then-US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice. Mills is also working on the Clinton for President campaign.


The Benghazi committee chairman, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) told the press on Friday, “It is deplorable that it took over a year for these records to be produced to our committee, and that our Democrat colleagues never lifted a finger to help us get them. Shame on them and everyone else who has demanded this committee to give up before gathering all of the facts.”

“This investigation is about a terrorist attack that killed four Americans, and it could have been completed a lot sooner if the administration had not delayed and delayed and delayed at every turn,” Gowdy said.

Even now, according to Gowdy, “the committee still does not have records we requested over a year ago, and we are still waiting for some witnesses to be made available for interviews. As soon as possible, we will release our report and interview transcripts so everyone can see the evidence for themselves, and I’m confident the value and fairness of our investigation will then be abundantly clear to everyone.”

The requests for the documents that were delivered on Friday were made by the Select Committee in November 2014, with follow-up subpoenas issued in March and August 2015, when those requests were being ignored by the Obama administration.

The new yield of documents include work-related emails from the “personal email accounts” of Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, and others, which the State Department had in its possession since the summer of 2015.

The email exchanges between Clinton’s chief of staff with Huma Abedin, a long-time associate of Hillary Clinton (Politico described her as Hillary’s “shadow”) and the wife of disgraced NY Congressman Anthony Weiner, may be crucial to understanding the role Abedin will have in the Clinton White House, should the leading Democrat win in November.

Abedin was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in 1976, but at the age of two moved with her family to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where she was raised and lived until returning to the United States at age 18, to attend George Washington University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. She was employed by the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, which her father had founded and made into a family business.

In a June 2012 letter to the State Department Inspector General, five Republican members of Congress alleged that Abedin “has three family members – her late father, her mother and her brother – connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations.” They suggested Abedin had “immediate family connections to foreign extremist organizations” which were “potentially disqualifying conditions for obtaining a security clearance” and questioned why Abedin had not been “disqualified for a security clearance.”

The claims in the letter were generally rejected and labeled as conspiracy theories, including by the ADL.

Last October, in a story headlined How Hillary Clinton’s Loyal Confidants Could Cost Her the Election, Vanity Fair writer Sarah Ellison noted that “Clinton is deeply reliant on Abedin, who, in addition to her other campaign responsibilities, occasionally fills in as tech support. In an exchange with Clinton, revealed in the State Department e-mails, Abedin walks her boss through a “secure” fax connection. The subject line from Abedin to Clinton reads, “Can you hang up the fax line, they will call again and try fax.” Clinton responds, “I thought it was supposed to be off hook to work?”



  1. The only certain thing is that Huma will never occupy an office in the White House because Hillary will not win if she is even allowed to run. Thank God for that. We don't need any more Muslim sympathizers anywhere near the seat of power in the world. Actually I'm not even sure that the Presidency is still the seat of power.

  2. Zak Schutzer I have a bit more faith in my fellow Americans. Hopefully by the time Trump gets through with her she will resemble the poor excuse for a human being she is. It's puzzling how so many people are ideolgically blinded to all her misdeeds and faults. She is no way qualified either morally or professionally to be our Commander in Chief.

  3. Yaakov Zelig – Do you even know what a Socialist is? Israel is a Socialist country. Do you think that is good? If, as you say Democrats are Socialists then you must also say Republicans are NAZI's because that to is the truth! Before you continue to make ignorant statements you should at least have some idea of what you are talking about!

  4. Richard Charron – You are worried about Hillary but like Trump? You need to have your head examined! Trump has no idea of how the government works! Even if the republicans maintain control of both house of congress they will never approve the crazy things Trump thinks he can get done! There is no way a wall will be built along the US/Mexico border that Mexico will pay for and no way that Trump or the congress will approve! Who is going to pay to get rid of all Trump's illegals, are you prepared to pay for this? Trump says he is going to pay down the national debt by selling off American assets. How much do you think China is willing to pay to own the Grand Canyon? What about Russia owning Alaska? What will Sarah Palin say about seeing Russia from her house? You really need to think about the ignorant statements you make.

  5. Edward Lobel I have been blogging for well over 10 years on political issues as well as economic ones but I have to tell you this is the dumbest response I have ever read from anyone and belive me I have seen some dumb ones. You must live in a cave over there in Long Island.
    Don't you realize that Trumps appeal is his distance from government as we know it today. We want someone who is not familiar with government as it is today and wants to make changes. His ability to bring people together in the course of business to arrive at agreement on which everyone agrees will assure his success with Congress. Show me someone else who can bring these two groups together. He is a master deal maker and he usually comes out a winner.
    He has explained time and time again how he will require Mexico to pay for the border wall and it really is a simple system one of which Mexico will have no option but to pay for it one way or another. They have had plenty of opportunity to help us control the border but they do nothing but encourage their people to flee.
    Pay down the National Debt by selling of American assets? What in the world are you talking about? It would have to be a dumb Democrat to invent that type of quote from Trump. That never happened.
    Russia owning Alaska?
    Do you often drink this early in the day?
    I'm going to go out on a line and guess you are either a student or college professor and think that Bernie is your man. Perhaps knowing he can't make it Hillary is your second choice.

  6. …..members of Congress alleged that Abedin “has three family members – her late father, her mother and her brother – connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations.” This is not a conspiracy theory, it is fact. That the ADL disputes it shows how far the ADL has gone from its original purpose of fighting anti-Semitism and turned into another Left wing organization trying to protect the very corrupt Hillary Clinton.

  7. Edward Lobel @Yaakov Zelig Do not diminish the meaning of the word NAZI. Your liberal use of the word is horrorfying. Every word has meaning and weight, depending on is context. To use the word correctly, you must have a valid comparison, and that is why I condemn your use of the word.
    Israel was made into a country of freedom through Socialism. It allowed all types of economic therois to coexist. The structure of the kibbutz system is Socialist, and some of them are quite wealthy, and their inhabitants enjoy a relatively high standard of living. So, I look at your statement and say that you have misjudged twice.

  8. Edward Lobel Spoken like the quinessential, immature Jew. The Democrat party of today, is not the Democratice Party of previous generations. They are a Socialist Democrat Party like the Europeans. Republicans are where Jew's belong. A Jew voting for the Democrats is a Jew, not interested in Israel's survival.

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