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Life After Terror (LAT) has been delivering pizzas to hungry firefighters.

Jewish communities around the world, most notably in north America, have been engaged in emergency fundraising to help rehabilitate the numerous areas in Israel that have been damaged or destroyed in the fires of the past six days. So far, security forces have noted more than 600 fires, some of which were suspicious, from up north in Galilee all the way down to Negev communities.

The Jewish National Fund (JNF) has launched a Thanksgiving themed fundraiser: “On this Thanksgiving Eve we ask you to turn your attention to homes and forests that are in immediate danger across Israel. A series of wildfires are raging across Northern and Central Israel. Many homes have already been destroyed, families displaced, and more residents are being evacuated. Israel’s firefighting capacity is being stressed to its limits.”


“In light of this emergency situation we are beginning the Giving Tuesday match ahead of time,” the JNF declared, stating: “All donations toward this effort will be matched dollar for dollar. Donate now.”

The UJA Federation of New York has launched its own Israel Fire Relief Fund. The fundraising page states: “Many community institutions that provide vital programs and services—including those of our partners—have been hit hard. They will be struggling to rebuild just when they are needed most. The impact on Israelis will be long-lasting and your help is urgently needed.”

The Israeli-American Council (IAC), whose mission is to “build an engaged and united Israeli-American community that strengthens the Israeli and Jewish identity of our next generations,” has been running a busy Support the Firefighters campaign.

“Tens of thousands have been evacuated, many have been hospitalized, and countless homes and trees have been destroyed. Hundreds of thousands more are now threatened, as the fires continue to spread,” the IAC tells its followers, adding: “At this critical moment, we must unite to lend a hand to our brothers and sisters in Israel. All contributions made to the IAC over the next 72 hours will go directly to support the firefighters working around the clock to save lives and property.”

A group called Israel’s voice has launched a project called Life After Terror, telling its followers it’s “time to show we care. Israel needs you. We saw hospitals, synagogues, Yeshivas, schools, kindergartens, and our land burning. We saw devastation and frustration but also we felt unity and hope.”

Their response is as unique as it is original: “We organized a successful and humble campaign and we were able to deliver hundreds of pizzas to firefighters, security forces, and volunteers who non-stop have been working to control the fires.”

Next, the group plans “to take a second step. Our team will continue going to multiple locations, specially to Haifa which was the most affected city, in order to see what else is needed in order to rebuild. We need your help in order to continue with our mission.”


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