Photo Credit: YoniW / Wikipedia / Public Domain
North Beirut, Lebanon and Port of Beirut (2007)

Ehud Yaari, Arab affairs commentator for Channel 12 raised some interesting pieces of information about the Beirut port, the explosion, and the connection to Hezbollah, in a radio interview on 103 FM on Thursday. As an aside, the nickname for the port is the “Cave of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves.”

Yaari pointed out how quickly the head of Lebanon’s secret police declared that the explosion came from ammonium nitrate that was stored in the port for seven years. Yaari found it suspiciously quick.


Yaari added that it suited Hezbollah just fine that the chemicals were stored there indefinitely, as the chemicals can be converted into rocket fuel.

What makes all this even more relevant is that the person who actually ran the Port of Beirut is the head of Hezbollah’s security. That man also happens to be married to Hassan Nasrallah’s sister. Nasrallah is the head of Hezbollah. Nasrallah has been very quiet since the explosion.

What Yaari says this all this means is that the Hezbollah controlled Lebanese government will never expose the truth of what caused the explosion and how it came about.


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