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The feisty tabloid that gave the world the immortal 1976 headline “Ford to City: Drop Dead” has done it again on Tuesday, with the headline “BDS is DOA at the DNC,” which continued, “Staving off challenges from Bernie Sanders’ delegates, Democrats under Hillary Clinton’s leadership do right by Israel.”

The grownups have prevailed, apparently, at the 2016 democratic platform committee, according to the Daily News report, drafting a platform that would “stop the party from destructively setting benchmarks for negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians by calling for ‘an end to occupation and illegal settlements.” Not on Hillary’s watch, Mr. Sanders.


The draft platform reportedly suggests that “a just and lasting Israeli-Palestinian accord, producing two states for two peoples, would contribute to regional stability and help sustain Israel’s identity.” Folks on the right may not like it, but the current, subdued version, beats whatever crazy talk had been suggested by Bernie Sanders’ five proxies on the platform committee— Keith Ellison, Bill McKibben, Dr Cornel West, James Zogby and Deborah Parker—including a call to “end Israel’s illegal settlements and military occupation of the Palestinian territories.”

While Sanders has 5 out of the 15 spots on the Democratic party’s platform committee, presumptive presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has 6, and DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has 4. That’s 10 political grownups who actually want to win in November, versus 5 sons of Abbie Hoffman, who can be immensely entertaining in a debate, but usually lead to a GOP landslide come November.

But the Clinton-Wasserman Schultz platform draft doesn’t only push back the anti-Zionist crazies, according to the Daily News, it also commits to “retaining [Israel’s] qualitative military edge” in the region, and to Democrats opposing “any effort to delegitimize Israel, including at the United Nations or through the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement.”

Like they said it so eloquently at the start: BDS is DOA at the DNC.



  1. For those who bemoan the plight of Palestinians, consider:
    Gaza has a border with Egypt that is theirs to manager or not
    Gaza has now internationally standard 12 mile sea lanes in the Mediterranean
    The organization COGAT (look it up) records each and every one of the hundreds of truckloads of goods and supplies that flow into Gaza each day from Israel
    Israeli hospitals continue to serve hundreds of Gazans each day, for free
    The Israeli electric company provides most of the electricity to Gaza that isn’t produced locally for free (because Hamas simply refuses to pay the bill)
    Hamas themselves admits that 70% of all construction material is diverted to ‘war purposes eg tunnel construction
    UNRWA admits that Hamas deploys missiles in schools, hospitals and apartments including the Red Cross
    98% of all pledged aid from Arab Muslim states has never been delivered

  2. Why wouldn't Republicans like the anti-BDS platform? Is it because Republicans support Israel more than Democrats. So if adult Democrats support at Repubican idea that sucks votes from Republicans to Democrats? Democrats are unreliable partners. Well, relieable to the BDS-type thinkers. PBDS, where the west stops supporting the terrorists in Gaza and funding Abbas would be a good thing.

  3. Bernie's five, are all virulent anti-semites. The "kusheem", West and Ellison, would supply weapons to Hamas, Hezbollah and Fatah to eradicate Israel. A Jew, who votes for Hillary, is a Jew, not interested in Israel's survival.

  4. H.Clinton , B.Sanders and other Democrats are no friends of Israel. They are in fact enemies. Bernie is a self hating Jew and Hillary is just a crook and a liar. She is so scared to show up at a news conference, that she's been avoiding them from fear of being caught in another lie. Vote Republican. At least with Trump we have an honest liar who does not sell favors to enemies of the USA.

  5. Cornel West is no simple-minded rambling idiot, he. He is much more dangerous than that. He is intelligent, knowledgeable. And a virulent antisemite no matter how he attempts to be a humanitaian. In my humble opinion, he is despicable. But don't underestimate him; that BS appointed him to the platform committee was also despicable.

  6. "a just and lasting Israeli-Palestinian accord, producing two states for two peoples," It would not be just a Palestinian state would be Judenrein. Israel would have all religions. It would not last because it would give Israel another much larger Gaza-like terror state as a neighbor.

  7. Compare the Republican platform plank with the Democrat platform plank. The full committee endorsed the Republican pro-Israel plank with no changes. And the passage of that adamantly pro-Israel plank was met with a standing ovation by those in the room. AIPAC opposed the pro-Israel plank because it does not call for a two state solution.

  8. I agree with everything you say about Bernie and Hilary. What a dangerous guy he is. But we do not know that Turmp is honest nor that he will not sell favors to the enemy. He is too volatile to have his finger on the button. We are faced with the two worst choices in my lifetime. At least we will be done with Obama.

  9. The problem here is the Jews vote for the party of Yesterday. It's time they open their eyes and realize that the Democrats are becoming almost communists with their Progressive agenda. It took the Soviet Union 70 years that this system worked very poorly. I live in a building with mostly ex Russians and trust me none of them will even thing voting Democratic because they lived a nightmare in Russia before moving to the USA. VOTE FOR THE PARTY THAT'S WANT TO PROMOTE THE USA and not the one that's want to be politically correct.

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