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At least three people were killed in a shooting incident at two separate Jewish institutions outside Kansas City, Kansas, April 13, 2014.

UPDATES:  see updates at the bottom of this article.

Someone used a gun to terrorize Jews in two separate locations just outside of Kansas City, Kansas on Sunday afternoon, April 13.


The Jewish Community Center in Overland Park was the site of the first shooting incident. It happened at approximately 1:00 p.m. local time. At least one person was killed.

Shortly after the first shooting, another one took place less than a mile away, at a Jewish assisted living facility, Village Shalom. At least one person was killed at this location as well.

It is not yet known at which of the two locations the third victim was shot.

A male suspect was taken into custody. He was apprehended at a local elementary school, Valley Park Elementary, which is near the assisted living facility.

There is a report from a local news station, KCTV5, that when the suspect was led away, he was believed to be yelling, “Heil Hitler.”

Since March 8, a sniper has been terrorizing drivers in that area of Kansas, shooting at over 20 drivers. But it is not currently believed that the serial shooter is connected to the JCC center shootings.

UPDATE: The Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City posted the following information at approximately 4:00 local time:

UPDATE: A press conference was held at 5:00 p.m. in Kansas City, with the Police Chief and mayor of Overland Park. The new information that was provided at the briefing revealed that five people were shot at, three were hit and all three of those died. The two victims from the Jewish Community Center were both males, a female was killed outside the Shalom Village Assisted Living facility.

The suspect is not from Kansas and was unknown to local officials prior to the shootings.

Police Chief Douglas acknowledged that the suspect made several statements while he was in custody, but would not confirm whether or not the suspect made anti-Semitic statements. At this point the shootings are  being investigated as a hate crime, but it has not yet been classified a hate crime.

UPDATE: 11:00 p.m. EST CNN is now identifying the suspect in custody is Frazier Glenn Cross.

Suspect in shooting at two Kansas Jewish centers which left three dead, April 13, 2014.

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  1. I need more information to decide if this is terrorism or American Anti-Semites. The lack of information is typical of the Liberal Press. They worry to much about hurting people's feelings that they leave the reader in the dark on the news. I watch the news on BBC to get the total facts. American news is not news it's entertainment.

  2. The fact that they attacked Jews makes it at least anti-Semitic. The fact that they murdered innocent people, is terroristic. Muslims are not the only terrorists. However, they do seem to lead these types of attacks. The UN is supporting hatred against Jews. Not surprised. God bless the victims and their loved ones. Lord please help them find the killer.

  3. No. He was not, the party used the term, but he was actually anti marxism to the utmost degree (to the point all socialists, marxists, communists and anarchists disavowed his party 3 weeks into his reign) – in fact he was actually an extreme conservative. I believe you should actually read up on the topic, versus just reading names on it.

    And it is not even remotely related. As for him being a monster like "radical jihad monsters" – he's no worse than when Christians took up the Crusades, or when Jews invaded biblical Israel and killed and threw out the 7 nations….I only mention, because clearly you are a bit bigoted and/or ill informed or uneducated on topics of this realm.

  4. American Jews who love their children unconditionally. Love Israel conditionally only if Israel does and behaves, as they want. If Israel violates one of those imposed conditions these Jews turn to helping the Palestinians who want to kill every Israeli and Jew.
    If you love Israel unconditionally you won’t abandon and betray Israel as many of you have done.
    If you stand up for yourselves and Israel you will be respected. If you don’t you will be seen as weak and disrespected and Anti Semitism increases.
    That means you support Israel no matter which Government is in control.

  5. I know the BBC is bad about Israel (though far from always), but it is certainly not 'the most antisemitic in Britain'. People like the Palestine Solidarity Campaign activists get my vote for top antisemites.

  6. Lest we not forget the topic, there are some dead Jews, killed in the name of Hitler. I have read thoroughly sir and you can try to dress it like the progressives do, the truth is the truth. I don't care about his Marxist, anarchists political jargon. The belief that one belongs to a supreme race and Jews do not deserve to live is inhumane.

    Conservative? Define that please. You see, most people are a little more complicated. They are liberal with some things and conservative with others. The human being is much more complex. The fact that you must politicize such a horrific event and even honor those who agree with you, tells me any more discourse is a waste of time. Congratulations, scholar. You win the argument. Not the war.

  7. Let's deal with today, not in the past Adolf Hitler is long dead. Let's leave him in his grave. What we need to concentrate on these days is the Jewish demonization of all things pertaining to Israel. We need to figure out why so many Jews belong to the anti semitic Democratic Party and donate so much money for the variety of left wing causes that the Democrats espouse. This is more important than a nut yelling out Heil Hitler.

  8. We are hurting because of this ignorance and hatred. We true Americans consider the Jews our brothers and sisters, whether they live here or around the world. Take comfort, we have not abandoned you, though our corrupt government may have. Christians are suffering along with you. We must be strong and continue to fight. I pray for your healing and strength.

  9. Funny you say that. I go to England for news about the US. They are not anti-Semitic. Their government is being overtaken by Islam. If you notice, it's happening around the world. Two entities believed they were the superior race and Jews did not deserve to live. The Nazis and the radical muslims. I pray for all the free countries being attacked from within. The fifth column of Islam explains it clearly. The Nazis never died, they thrived in the middle east and are alive and well today.

  10. Justin Hood Young Read on as they say in Law School; you have a point but in the end sound like an idiot…Israel is ours and that is the end of the story; G-d gave it to us, that's why. The islamics are but a mumser nation claiming a birthright that was never and is not now theirs: "They Must Go."

  11. Justin Hood Young Hitler was a socialist, avowedly so. Socialism was not just used as a term in the name of his party. Your contention that Hitler was conservative is ludicrous. The man felt he could achieve his socialist aims using nationalism, hence National Socialism. A lot of socialists don't fit the dictionary definition yet are still trying to achieve the same ends. You should stop using your newly legalized herbs quite so much , especially given that you are so very wrong.

  12. You and all my brothers and sisters are in my prayers daily. I'm sure you know what it's like to defend Israel, and I am proud to take it. Many of my friends feel the same. May God bring you strength, comfort and peace. That small peace of land you claim, used to be much grander in size. I pray someday, you get ALL your land returned and are allowed to live in peace. Shalom….

  13. Steve Moyer , you said it much better. Although his high tense level, and need to intellectualize everything tells me his herbs aren't working and perhaps counseling would help. Anyone who attacks another because they have differing philosophies, has anger issues that need resolved.

  14. American politicians have kept silent, refusing speak out about the verbal attacks against Israel and Jews on college campuses and the BDS movement. When Muslims were being talked about because of their desire to change workplace rules and school rules to suit Islam, politicians were all over the news and talk shows supporting them and cautioning Americans to "give them a change, don't judge." The silence of our politicians and other leaders is tacit approval to attack Israel and Jews, especially after Kerry's idiotic blame-game attack.

  15. Brandeis University just pulled an honor degree for a women speaking out on Islamic violence against women. Cair and the muslim brotherhood were at the forefront. This university is tied to Al Qud in Palestine. Also funded by George Soros to boycott Israel. It's happening because of our corrupt government. The progressives/communists want a social transformation.
    The standoff at the Bundy ranch, attacks by BLM all connected to UNESCO. The UN landgrab for global dominance. Our government withdrew funding from UNESCO for accepting Palestine, a sponsor of Hamas, as a full member. We along with Israel lost our vote in UNESCO. They still control our land and water, but we have no vote. Obama is trying to sneak our dues in the back door. This is why it's happening and on top of that, they hate Christians more than Jews.

  16. People wonder why American Jews continue to vote democratic. They certainly aren't safer or better off. I think I know. For decades the republicans have represented Christians. While I love my Jewish brothers and sisters, we have this one disagreement, about the Messiah. We still love the same God, but they await the Messiah. We await his return. Other than that and some traditions, we are on the same path. I pray we can take it out of politics and to reality. We need each other. The enemy is strong and near…

  17. Geoffrey Short/ hate and ignorance. Whether your heil, or ala ackbar, or don't believe in God… hate and ignorance and governments that allow the perpetuation… good enough. Read through the entire feed, there's more info. Not in the mood to fight. Already said my prayers for the victims.

  18. Our prayers and thoughts are with the families, the Jewish and Kansas City Communities, and all Israel. Evil is still among us and will always be until the Messiah comes. Israel is the best example of standing strong in the face of adversity. Shalom – An American Christian

  19. On Erev PESACH our prayers and thoughts are with the families of the loved ones who are victims of mankind's and history's most ancient hatred, ANTI SEMITISM.
    ANTI SEMITIC violent hate crimes have been escalating in the US and worldwide during the past several years while our alleged 'leaders' remain silent.

  20. B"H So many people were against Rabbi Meir Kahane ZT"L and the JDL…BUT they were there to protect Jews. What Kahane said 40 years ago rings true today. We cannot sit and watch the anti-semetic hate attacks on our brothers and sisters. We must stand up and PROTECT OUR JEWISH BRETHERN. The Jewish Liberal Establishment want us all to keep a LOW profile and not cause waves. Look what happened in Germany.

  21. Another shooting in a gun free zone. When are they going to understand this will continue to go on until the zones are removed and guns allowed to be carried by trained citizens?

  22. Brenda Darlene Bailey the US is getting some of it right BUT no enough. Here's the bottom line…those that curse Israel, GOD will curse and those that bless Israel, GOD will bless. This is a battle between our HOLY GOD and HIS ancient enemy. The people are just puppets being used by that ancient enemy.

  23. mdslayer: because they have mastered the use of the the underdog and cry hate crime and the Liberal media falls all over themselves. I hope the leaders of the Jewish Communities stand up and demand that murderer goes down for the hate crime that it is!

  24. Justin Hood Young Any man and/or regime that sanctions the death of that many people are monsters. Hitler kept company with Muslim Muftis. Justin you're right the Crusades are a black stain on history for Christians….wait a minute…were they REAL Christians or did they and history just call them Christians??? And you forgot to mention what we did to the First Nations when we landed on the shores of this country…..AND Syia AND Sudan AND the Killing Fields in Asia just to mention a few. We are not a nice specie left to our own devises are we????

  25. Alan, don't feel bad, Christians aren't too welcome either, in our country or others. As for hating you… I know thousands who pray for you daily, love you like a brother and fight for justice… don't blame the most on the ignorance and hatred of the few. Shalom, peace to Israel.

  26. Goeffry will think this is off topic, but..The Koran encourages muslims to lie in order to spread their jihad and convert the infidels. These women are naïve, afraid or have persecution complexes, the need to punish themselves for something. Our politicians seem comfortable to allow it to happen. IF you notice the only religion defended these days is islam. Most women in Islam want to be free. I just read a 9 year old poisoned her muslim husband and 'his relatives' with rat poison. National Organization of Women is Silent. Islamics refuse to follow the UN INternational basic human rights law because it doesn't allow the abuse of women and pedophilia. Can you imagine if we could reach all the abused women? Each one teach one? The war with islam would be finished.

  27. I grew up in Kansas City. It is a very caring community and the Jewish community is a very close one. I predict this was an anti-Semitic event especially since it occurred right before Passover. Anti-Semitism KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

  28. Talk of being tough. Talk about Meir Kahane, and the JDL, talk about this and that. The fact of the matter is that the Jewish People have lost their spiritual way and think that the Christians are going to help them, when the times get really tough. Everyone is getting ready to defend the Jews today, but what about tomorrow? What about tomorrow?

  29. Shortly after the first shooting, another one took place less than a mile away, at a Jewish assisted living facility, Village Shalom. At least one person was killed at this location as well. ًOur life lord God of Israel with Jewish people every where

  30. It all started with Cain and Able…'d think we would have learned something by now. This disturbed person had a problem….did killing 3 people solve it??? Probably not…….FATHER GOD these families dealing with this tragedy, saturate them with YOUR SHALOM.

  31. I have friends in Israel on facebook. We are friends and respect each other. None of them like Obama and the democrats. Together, just think what we could do. And if they are afraid of the Taxed Enough Already TEA party, just imagine Judeo Christians, together around the world. Wow.

  32. More so why Israel have to be strong !! US needs to stop asking for release of terrorists/ murderess like this one,just so our enemy will be willing to talk to us ?! unmoral demand ! and I hope and pray that such will not happen! and blind world is trying to tell Israel not to build in there country?! My heart is hurting !!

  33. Cody Flecker I didn't put anybody in ovens. I am not a Nazi or a Jew hater. I am 60 years old and have defended the Jews since I was old enough to understand their persecution. The fact that you accuse me of that lets me know, you are a cruel and thoughtless person that is so angry about something in your life that you glean pleasure from hurting others. Your words are lies and lies are not worthy of acknowledging. I pray for you.

  34. YES; there is a need of many like Rabbi Meir Kahane, truly defender of Lifes of the Living. More like Rabbi Meir Kahane among Jews and their friends are nedeed, since as now are both groups too easy ducks to be found and killed the same way the haters of Humans always did in the past. DEFENCE among the DEFENDLESS is what is missing…

  35. Condolences to the families and the loved ones of the murder victims. The policies and pronouncements of Obama and his cronies encourage anti-Semitism. By supporting Israel's existential enemies, Obama sends the message that Jewish blood is cheap. By attempting to delegitimize Israel, Obama paints a target on the back of everyone of us.

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