Photo Credit: Toronto Police Service
Ayanie Hassan Ali, accused of knifing attack at Toronto military recruiting station.

Military Recruiting stations have been the object of terrorist attacks before. It makes sense that people who hate what a nation is doing to make the world safe from terrorism would want to strike fear in – and inflict grievous harm on – the source of personnel in that fight. And now Canada has experienced such an attack.

At about 3:00 p.m. on Monday, Mar. 14, the 27 year-old Montreal-born suspect, Ayanie Hassan Ali, entered a Canadian military recruiting center at the Government of Canada Building. He quickly approached and walked past a uniformed Master Corporal who was seated at a reception desk near the entrance to the recruiting office.


When the uniformed officer tried to engage him, Ali repeatedly hit him. Then, while the victim was on the floor, Ali pulled out a “very large knife,” and slashed the officer with it. Ali then moved on to attack others, succeeding in wounding one other Canadian forces member, and nearly reaching a third, before he was stopped.

After the attack, Ali said: “Allah told me to do this, Allah told me to come here and kill people,” according to Toronto’s police chief, Mark Saunders.

Saunders gave a press conference on Tuesday, March 15, at which the name of the suspect and the words he used to explain his attack were disclosed.

Police Chief Saunders said, “[t]o date, there is nothing to indicate the accused is working with anyone or in concert with any organization at this time.” He then added, “the investigation is still ongoing and it will take some time to have a complete picture.”

Saunders cautioned against the public jumping to any conclusions that what took place was a terrorist attack and warned against any anti-Islamist response from the public.

“I don’t want this categorizing a large group of people; that will be very unfair and very inaccurate,” he said, and specifically stating he didn’t want any of “Islamophobia nonsense.”

As if erasing the years of evidence that the “lone wolves” indeed believe themselves to be affiliated – at least ideologically – with Islamist terrorist groups, Saunders said there was nothing to indicate Ali is affiliated with any terrorist organizations. Sound like what was said about the San Bernardino terrorists?

Ali, who had no prior criminal record, is charged with one count of attempted murder, two counts of assault with a weapon, one count of dangerous weapons and one count of aggravated assault.

Toronto’s Mayor John Tory said he was “saddened” by the incident. He tweeted a banal description of the incident: “I am saddened to hear that two Canadian Forces members were injured in what appears to be an unprovoked attack in North York.”

Chief Saunders press conference:




  1. Virtually EVERY mainstream media outlet in Canada has either CHOSEN to close "Comments" on this story……………. or perhaps they have been ordered to by their political overmasters. The politicians and their "thought police" really don't want Canadians to be able to share their opinions of this islamic terrorism being carried out in our country.

  2. Prophecy foretold of signs such as these with the wars and all of the insanity we have occurring in the same time frame together. Our political leaders seem to have lost their morel compass, their center, and their common sense. Those who can see the wrongs are frustratingly powerless to take corrective actions. One problem melding into another and then another. War intermingled with war and nations face each other as both friend and foe on differing fronts of conflict. These are the end times the Bible foretold. Contrary to the beliefs of some, this is the first time in history where man kind fits these prophecies exactly and it’s also the first time that the prophecy that Israel would be back as a nation has been fulfilled. I wrote a small book about the end times, prophecy and the tribulation period. It’s just for your information and consideration and it’s free. I don’t even accept donations on my or anyone else’s behalf. It’s a short read of about 7 pages. I encourage you to take a look.

  3. It's exactly this sort of hyperbolic political correctness on the part of government, bureaucrats and the media that has resulted in the likes of Donald Trump approaching the White House. Enough. 80% of the world's Muslims believe a medieval brand of Islam that is utterly incompatible with our Western values of democracy, individual freedom, and tolerance. Our governments and liberal media need to acknowledge that, and deal with it–and stop blithely whistling in the graveyard.

  4. Gerard, if this is an important fact, how can the news NOT report it? Because it's such an important phenomenon, the judiciary and the police are not capable for solving this problem on their own. That's why the public needs to know. We — the civilized world — cannot solve this problem until we recognize it for what it is. Sweeping it under the rug and pretending it can be solved by a judge is really just pretending the whole problem will go away if we ignore it long enough. I wish that were true. But it isn't.

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