The funeral for fallen IDF officer, Lt. Hadar Goldin will be in the Kfar Sava Military cemetery at 5:30pm, Sunday.

The family has requested that the Nation of Israel come to the funeral to honor Hadar.


May his memory be a blessing and may his death be avenged by G-d and the IDF.

Click for Google Map directions to the cemetery.


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  1. My heart is with you. And my heart is crushed with the sorrow. I love and embrace you Israel and I pray Father, my Pappa God, I call out to You from the depths of my being, hold this family, this twin brother, this young woman who lost the love of her life, these friends…hold them close and never let them go. Hold them til comfort begins healing, let them feel Your love.

  2. Those of us who live so far can only cry. And pray. Pray for the end of the madness. Pray for the end of the global injustice. Pray that the work will come to see that if Jews are today’s victims, they are tomorrow’s victims, unless they join forces with us, instead of condemning us. Israel is doing singlehandedly the work of twenty countries. What is everyone waiting for?

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