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5.3 earthquake near Cyprus. Feb. 2, 2022

An earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale took place in Cyprus at around 11 p.m. Israel time on Wednesday night. The quake struck only 388 kilometers (241 miles) northwest of the coastal Israeli city of Nahariya.

No earthquake warning was issued in Israel. The Israel Defense Forces Home Front Command said it did not endanger citizens.


However, in light of the increasing number of earthquakes striking the area—many of which have shaken the country in recent months—the Home Front Command reissued earthquake guidelines to the public.

Those inside a building: Leave. If it is not possible to exit the building within a few seconds, enter its security room, leaving the door and windows open. If this cannot be done, sit in an inner corner of the room under heavy furniture with hands on your head to offer some protection.

Those outside: Stay in the open as far away as possible from buildings, trees, power cables and other items that could fall and cause injuries.

Passengers in a vehicle: Stop on the side of the road and wait inside the vehicle until the earthquake stops.


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