Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
Some of the numerous weapons found by Israeli forces in the maternity ward of Gaza City's Shifa Hospital.

As part of the ongoing IDF and Shin Bet operation led by the 162nd Division at Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital, soldiers of the Nahal Reconnaissance Unit uncovered huge amounts of weapons — and eliminated terrorists in several buildings at the medical center.


In the maternity ward, the soldiers discovered many weapons hidden inside pillows, hospital beds, ceilings, and the walls of the compound, the IDF said.

Israeli forces found dozens of mortar shells, explosive devices, sniper rifles, Kalashnikov rifles, pistols, magazines, mortars and additional ammunition, hidden anywhere and everywhere possible in a department supposedly dedicated to the health of birthing mothers and their infants.

During one of the sweeps in the compound, the forces encountered armed terrorists and senior operatives of the Hamas terrorist organization in a stairwell. A pursuit and exchange of fire ensued, during which the senior terrorists were eliminated.

“Extensive intelligence indicated there were many Hamas terrorists hiding in the Maternity Ward of the hospital,” Nahal Reconnaissance Unit’s Operations Officer, Captain Yanai said in a statement.

Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, March 2024

“We alerted all the civilians who took shelter in the building, and hundreds of civilians – women and children – came out to us.

“There were also terrorists who hid among them,” Captain Yanai noted.

While sweeping through the department, the unit found huge numbers of weapons, but also encountered terrorists hoping to ambush the soldiers and who opened fire at the Israeli forces.

“The terrorists were eliminated on the spot,” Captain Yanai said.


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