Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson
An Israeli soldier holds parts of an aerial drone found in a Hamas UAV production facility in a residential building in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli soldiers in discovered a Hamas facility for producing explosives and aerial drones in a residential building in close proximity to a school in Gaza’s Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, the Israel Defense Forces announced on Thursday.

The explosives, along with operational plans, were found next to a children’s bedroom, the IDF added.


Earlier in the morning, the military announced that soldiers captured a key Hamas outpost in the northern Gaza town of Jabaliya after 10 hours of fighting.

According to the IDF, soldiers killed “dozens” of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists who were “above ground and in an underground route in the area.”

The IDF added that soldiers seized many weapons and intelligence detailing “significant” Hamas battle plans.

Soldiers also uncovered tunnel shafts, including one adjacent to a kindergarten which the IDF said led to an “extensive underground route.”

Since the beginning of the ground invasion, Israeli combat engineers have uncovered and destroyed 130 Hamas tunnels.

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