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Rocket alerts in Ein Sglosha and Kissufim, 15 minutes after the "ceasfire" began. Nov. 24, 2023

It took only 15 minutes for Hamas to break their end of the ceasefire, as was expected.

Just a half hour before the ceasefire was expected to take place at 7AM, rocket alerts were heard in Nir Oz along the Gaza border. And then, at 7:15 AM, Israel intercepted a rocket headed towards Kissufim and Ein Shlosha along the Gaza border.


While Hamas is making it clear that they can and will disregard the ceasefire when convenient for them, everyone expects Israel will look away and ignore the breach.

We’re waiting to hear if Hamas provides any excuses: it was on a timer, someone forgot to change the clock, it was an independent group, it was only one rocket…


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