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Arabs participating in the "Great March of Return" demonstration near the Gaza border, March 22, 2019.

Talal Abu Trifa, a member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, on Thursday revealed details of the meeting held by the Egyptian security delegation in the Gaza Strip, the Hamas leadership, and the local terror factions Wednesday night, in which Egypt announced that Israel was willing to grant concessions to the Gaza Strip in exchange for quiet in the south, Channel 13 reported.

According to Abu Trifa, at the meeting, which lasted until after midnight, the Egyptians said Jerusalem had expressed willingness to comply with Hamas demands regarding the expansion of fishing areas to 18 miles, rehabilitation of the electricity lines in the Gaza Strip, and allowing the flow goods and money into the Strip.


Israel also expressed its readiness to allow the export of goods from the Gaza Strip.

These concessions will be given in return for the return of quiet to the south, including the cessation of rocket launches and the cessation of the firing of incendiary balloons, as well as the removal of the mobs of Arab rioters to a distance of 300 yards from the border fence.

In addition, Abu Trifa said that the Egyptian security delegation would continue to conduct rounds between Israel and the terror factions until after Friday, in order to closely monitor the “march of the million” planned for Saturday’s Land Day, which follows Friday’s one-year anniversary of the border fence riots.

Last night, the Egyptian delegation met with Hamas chairman Yahya Sinwar, and conveyed a message from Israel that his organization must stop firing rockets and incendiary balloons, and also stop the demonstrations at the fence.

Sinwar responded that he would only stop firing rockets, and demanded in return that Israel stop attacking the Gaza Strip in response to the balloons carrying explosive charges.

Hamas is expected to respond to Israel’s offer of a truce in the coming hours.

Thursday night, IDF units completed their deployment in the Gaza perimeter, and the fighters are preparing for the demonstrations along the fence on Friday, which should indicate if Hamas is willing to grant Israel’s request for quiet.

Sderot mayor Alon Davidi said on Thursday that “every day that goes by, we understand that eventually there will be an operation in Gaza, because this way we will not be able to continue, it’s clear to everyone.”

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