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Muslim girls study the Koran during a summer camp at a mosque in Gaza City, June 13, 2023.

For decades, Palestinian Authority propaganda and misinformation conveyed to the European Union, the United States and various Arab nations by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has lamented a Gaza populated by downtrodden Arabs steeped in abject poverty and misery, blockaded, occupied and besieged by the State of Israel.

A Gaza with frequent electrical outages due to a lack of fuel. A people forced to live with unclean water due to old, broken-down sewage facilities. Families desperate for a little more food for their children.


Gazans suffering dying due to lack of medical facilities and quality medical care.

All the while, Gazans were apparently raking in the dough while living a better life than many of their Palestinian Arab peers in nations like Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and the like.

Arab blogger Hoda Jannat exposed the lies in a series of posts on the X social media platform, together with video footage to substantiate his claims.

“This is Gaza before October 7th. The Arab mind was fooled on the basis that Gaza was besieged. There are Arab people in Arab countries who eat meat once a year, like the Algerian people,” the blogger writes in Arabic.

In a separate tweet, @HodaJannat writes:
Suddenly we discovered that Gaza, which is inhabited by 2 million people… has 36 hospitals.
There are Arab countries with 30 million citizens and do not have this number of hospitals.

? Suddenly we discovered that Gaza was getting water, electricity, gas, and fuel for free from Israel.
Of course, there is no Arab citizen who does not pay water, electricity and fuel bills.

? Suddenly we discovered that Gaza was receiving $30 million a month from Qatar alone
And $120 million a month from UNRWA
And $50 million a month from the European Union
And 30 million dollars a month from America.
There are Arab countries drowning in debt and cannot find anyone to help them, even with one million dollars.

? Suddenly we discovered that Gaza was not besieged, and all goods were entering it, as were foreigners and people of foreign nationalities. Its residents were traveling to Egypt and from there to the rest of the world, and Fafo is the biggest example.

? Suddenly we discovered that Gaza was living better than many Arab countries…and its people were living better than many Arab peoples.

Suddenly…we discovered that our minds were besieged by a programmed lie…by the (Muslim) Brotherhood media.

Surprisingly, Hoda Jannat is not the only one to expose the real quality of life enjoyed by Gazans prior to October 7th.

Meet social media poster @Imshin, who specializes in showing what life in Gaza was really like by showing videos and photos from Gazans themselves, including videos, blog posts, and news that was posted by middle-class and wealthy Gazans. Imshin posted this Feb. 2022:

And this was posted on Dec. 25, 2023, also by Imshin:

And this:

Was there hardship in Gaza? Yes. As in any other society — including that in Israel, and in the United States — there were families who had less; but they learned to make do. But those who suffered did so at the behest of their Iranian-backed Hamas terrorist rulers who were overwhelmingly, democratically, elected into power by Gaza voters themselves.

Israel withdrew any presence from the enclave well before the January 2006 elections won by Hamas against the Palestinian Authority’s ruling Fatah faction in a vote of 74 to 45 seats.

Gaza hasn’t been “occupied” since August 2005, when the government of then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon instituted the Disengagement from Gaza, expelling nearly 10,000 Jews from their homes and communities in the Gush Katif region of the enclave.

In response, Israel was rewarded with more than 10,000 rockets fired at its civilians by its neighbors in Judenrein Gaza, not to mention the series of mini-wars forced upon the Jewish State by Gaza since that time, and during which Israeli soldiers worked hard to “mow the lawn” and trim back the threat to Israel from Hamas.

But it didn’t work.

Between October 7 and December 25, 2023, Hamas and its ally, the Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror organization have fired more than 12,500 rockets and missiles at Israeli civilians, and they continue to fire sporadically, whenever they manage to scurry out from beneath the rubble to launch another barrage.

Since October 7, IDF soldiers have uncovered at least 1,500 tunnel shafts leading to the subterranean labyrinth known locally as the “Gaza Metro” comprised of more than 500 miles of tunnels — a veritable underground city — built by Hamas during the years of its rule.

Hundreds of subsurface rocket launchers are so well concealed, they barely peek above the surface, and one practically has to stumble on to them before being able to see them and destroy them. Entire command and control complexes, all of them built 30 to 50 meters (98 feet 164 feet) below the surface — deeper than any grave.

However long it takes, Israel no longer has any choice but to completely wipe out Hamas and its terrorist allies in Gaza, because at this point, it’s either them or us.

Special thanks to Hoda Jannat and Imshin!


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