Photo Credit: Screenshot from Ramallah News
Israeli Mista'arev in Ramallah

The image before you shows a particularly tall Israeli Mista’arev waiting in an alley in the Al-Amari camp in Ramallah, wearing the traditional Muslim women’s prayer dress, Abu Ali Express reported on Telegram.

The dress aroused great interest in the Arab social networks, as it is a garment that is used by Muslim woman only in prayer sessions, but in reality, the women of the Palestinian Authority are not sticklers for the rules and put it on everywhere – at the grocery store, visit neighbors, and even taking down the trash.


Some users complimented the Mista’arev, who knew enough about the local culture to be aware of even this minute detail about the local Arab women.

If you’ve followed the popular Israeli TV series “Fauda,” you know everything about the Mista’arvim, the counter-terrorism units deployed by the IDF, the Israel Border Police, and Israel Police, who are specifically trained to assimilate among the local Arab population. They are commonly tasked with performing intelligence gathering, law enforcement, hostage rescues and counter-terrorism, using disguise and surprise as their main weapons.

The Arab locals, who also get Netflix, are always on the lookout for these men and women, which have been part of their daily life since 1943, when the Arab Division of the Palmach (the Hagana’s shock troops) was created.

Promotional photo for ‘Fauda’ on Netflix. / Fauda television series poster on Wikimedia

Abu Ali Express translated a few amusing comments about the image from social media in the PA:

“His mustache is a little longer than usual with the women in the camp, that’s why he was discovered.”

“Maybe he came to pray with us because they are closed.”

“Even they know that it’s the official dress of the women in the West Bank who aren’t so careful to use their garment only for prayer and wipe all the streets of the camp with it.”

“Congratulations to the heroes of the Palestinian people who forced the occupation soldiers to wear women’s clothing. Now all the women in the camp will be suspected of being undercover agents.”

“May Allah strengthen his faith in Islam and his femininity.”


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