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Departures, Boryspil International Airport, Kiev.

Israelis who stayed in Uman received deportation orders from the Ukrainian government and were required to return to Israel. At the moment, they are stuck at the airport holding their deportation orders in their hands, following the Ukrainian government’s decision to ban foreigners from entering the country until after Yom Kippur (Ukraine Bans All Foreign Nationals from Entering its Territory in September).

An Israeli named Idan told News 0404: “We’re a group of ten people in Uman. We received deportation orders claiming that we did not have a good enough reason to enter the country, even though we presented Ukrainian medical insurance and showed all the necessary documents. We showed that we have enough money to stay here and yet we were told that we are being deported from Ukraine without any real explanation..”


The Ukrainian government on Wednesday decided to ban the entry of all foreign nationals into its territory for the entire month of September. The ban will apply from August 29, this coming Saturday, until September 28, Yom Kippur.

The official reason for the ban is the fear of the rise in the number of coronavirus cases in the country in recent days. But it is clear that the real reason is Ukraine’s fear of tens of the invasion of thousands of Breslov Chassidim around to the graveside of Reb Nachman on Rosh Hashanah.

“We waited three or four hours in the airport,” Idan continued. “We were taken to Departures, but it turns out that the next flight home leaves only in two days. We’ve been stuck without food and no place to sleep for many hours and don’t really understand why we’re not permitted to move on.”

“We said we were tourists and came for the purpose of tourism, presented money, presented addresses where we would stay, downloaded the isolation app and took out medical insurance and did everything that was required. We are still stuck at the airport with no answers and don’t know when we’ll be leaving,” Idan said.

Some 1,974 cases of coronavirus were detected in Ukraine as of Thursday morning, with 49 deaths and 763 recoveries, according to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Interfax reported. 2,403 have died from the coronavirus in Ukraine since the start of the pandemic (Ukraine Records 1,974 New Covid-19 Cases, 49 Deaths in One day).


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