Labour’s Muslim Justice Secretary Shabana Mahmood Is BDS Supporter but Also Condemned Hamas

The MP for Birmingham Ladywood since 2010 is a long-time supporter of BDS against Israel, and a regular at anti-Israel rallies.

Manchester Mosque Apologizes for Calling Invited Rabbi ‘Child killer’

“We regret what has happened,” said the Masjid Bilal Islamic Center.

Labour Targets 24 Muslim Districts Where Pro-Hamas Vote Will Go to George Galloway’s Socialists

Labour's position has angered many of Britain's 3.9 million Muslims, who constitute 6.5% of the country's population.

Showing Incredible Self Restraint, Israeli Guest Does Not Call BBC’s Helena Humphrey a Moron

If you are a student of human behavior, you cannot but feel deep admiration for Conricus, who did not use any one of the varieties of proper responses to her idiocy.

UK Cabinet Secretary Warns Pro-Hamas Protests Are ‘Descending into Darkness’ of Antisemitism

Gove will also urge peers to support his bill banning British public entities from boycotting Israel.

Hedge Fund Billionaire Ken Griffin Tells Harvard to Embrace Western Values

In January, Griffin suspended his donations to Harvard over its handling of antisemitism on campus.

London Mayor Khan Says There Must Be Equally Strong Criticism of Hamas and Netanyahu

Khan suggested the Chief Rabbi's criticisms of him had an Islamophobic motive.

Feeling Unsafe, Nova Survivors Leave UK after Encounter with Manchester Antisemitic Cops

“If this is how the cops treat civilians, I don't want to be here." Mind you, this guy stood up to the murderous Hamas hordes.

Nova Concert Survivors Bullied by UK Cops So They Won’t Repeat What They’re Doing...

"Survivors of the October 7 terrorist attack on the Re’im Music Festival were discriminated against by UK Border Force."

Man ‘Taken Back to 1930s Germany’ when his Birthplace ‘Israel’ Was Scribbled Out by...

They said the affair made them feel “as if we had been taken back to 1930s Germany.”

Labour MP Suspended for Calling Gaza War Genocide

"We believe Ms. Osamor was perfectly aware of what she was saying and therefore view her apology as utterly hollow.”

Israel Slams London Ad Agency for Canceling Hamas Hostages Campaign

The Israeli embassy in the UK has accused the advertising firm London Lites of "aiding terrorists" by canceling a campaign focused on hostage awareness,...

Watch: BBC Cut these 4 Poignant Minutes from President Herzog’s Interview

Herzog shared realities of Israel’s war against Nazi Arabs and what the late Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill would have done to them.

Scottish PM Humza Yousaf, Wife’s Parents ‘Stuck in Gaza,’ Wants UK to Invite PA...

"Scotland is willing to be the first country in the UK to offer safety and sanctuary to those caught up in these terrible attacks."

Watch Douglas Murray Teaching Interviewer a Lesson on ‘Proportionate Response’

British author and political commentator Douglas Murray, God bless him, offered a remarkably wry and cutting answer, which made him my friend for life.

London Jewish Parents ‘Terrified’ of Sending their Children to School

At least one school is telling children not to wear any articles that identify their Jewish identity.

Liverpool Chabad Rabbi Pays Tribute to Elderly Jewish Couple Who Perished in a Flood

"They were due to celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary next week and our only comfort is knowing that they were together to the very end."

Son of Polish Jewish Refugee Mom Wants to Be Mayor of London

Korski, a law & order candidate, said 34 times a day there is burglary that the police don't shows up to.

King Charles III Knights Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

The 2023 honors list was the first approved by Charles following the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September.

David Baddiel’s ‘Jews Don’t Count’ a Primer on Popular Antisemitism

“Viewers of David Baddiel's Jews Don't Count were left in tears last night after seeing primary school children taking part in a security drill in London.”

Iran’s Soccer Team Remains Silent during Pre-Game Anthem Defying Ayatollahs’ Regime

“How many children, teenagers and young people have you killed — is it not enough with the bloodshed?"

Miss Hitler Getting Paroled, No Longer a Risk to the Community

Cutter joked about gassing synagogues and using a Jewish person’s head as a football.

Palace Rearranges Fridays’ Meeting with King to Accommodate Chief Rabbi

"It was absolutely wonderful of them and characteristic of the King."

Anti-Zionist Who Was Suspended from Labour Joins Party’s National Executive Committee

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi also sought to offer "an alternative to the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM)'s pro-Israel agenda.

Meet Noor Dahri, Kind of a Muslim Tzadik

"This is the great example of Muslims Apartheid in Jerusalem"

Shirtless Conservative Councilman Suspended for 5 Years over Antisemitic Posts

When asked if his constituents deserved an explanation about his 5-year suspension, he answered, “No.”

Russian Spokeswoman Asks Journalists for Schedule of Upcoming Russian Invasions to Plan her Vacation

On November 13, 2016, Zakharova caught flack for her acerbic humor and was even accused of antisemitism.

UK Jewish Group that Cursed Out Smotrich Loves Militant Horowitz’s Conversion Therapy Ban

Minister Horowitz dropped the clinical discussion of a weighty issue and switched to the language of religion.


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