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Photograph of Adolf Eichmann from Life Magazine

Oscar Isaac, who starred as jock pilot Poe Dameron in Star Wars movies, will play Peter Malkin, the man who actually grabbed Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann in 1960 in Argentina, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Operation Finale, the story of Eichmann’s capture by Mossad will be directed by Chris Weitz, who is rumored to be following the moody and subdued tradition of the thrillers Argo and Munich. Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Fred Berger are producing the project at MGM.


On the night of May 11, 1960, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann was captured in a Mossad operation in cooperation with the Shin Bet’s (General Security Service) operational unit. He was held in hiding for nine days, and on May 20 he was smuggled onto an El-Al flight that landed in Israel on the morning of May 22.

His trial began on April 11, 1961, and he was executed on May 31, 1962.

SS officer Adolf Otto Eichmann was head of the Gestapo’s Department B-IV-4, which was responsible for managing the annihilation of European Jewry as part of the “final solution of the Jewish problem.”

Although Eichmann was not high-ranking in the Nazi system, he headed the department that, in its first function (1935–1942), specialized in studying the Jews, Judaism, and Zionism, as well as the initial deportations and the emigration plans out of Europe (he visited Palestine with his commander Herbert Hagen in October 1937). In its second function (from 1942 on), the department operated under Eichmann’s command with determination and systematically to annihilate all of European Jewry.


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