Photo Credit: Staff Sgt. Eric Harris, U.S. Air Force
Royal Jordanian special operations force, November 1, 2010.

Hakol Hayehudi on Sunday revealed a new document issued by the Home Front Command detailing the dangers facing the State of Israel on the eastern border and raises the concern that all of Hezbollah’s activity in the north is only intended to distract from the real attack that will come from the east.

Using only known sources, the document details the deployment of Iran’s forces in Syria and raises the concern that the Jordanian army is also preparing to attack from the east.


The authors of the document suggest that just as the pre-October 7 notion that Hamas was deterred in Gaza, so is the notion that Assad will prevent Iran from opening another front from his territory is unfounded. According to the authors, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad does not have control over most of the areas near Israel’s border; also, his reported objections may be intended to mislead Israel to gain the element of surprise.

The document also raises the fear of the cooperation of Arab residents of Israel with the enemy. The authors assume that the invasion, if there is one, would come from the other side of the Yarmuk River, the largest tributary of the Jordan River which runs in Jordan, Syria, and Israel. The invaders will advance on foot and will be picked up by Arab motorists from the Israeli side of the border.

The Yarmuk River / Tzvi Markus

Recently, the Jordanian army conducted military maneuvers near the Yarmuk Delta. Residents of Israeli settlements in the area fear that the maneuvers are in preparation for an invasion from Jordan. The authors of the document review the residents’ concerns and the possible reasons for such an invasion and do not rule out the possibility that the latter would materialize.

It should be noted that the document’s authors pin the possible attack on “the existence of Messianic right-wing elements within the Israeli government who see Jordan as part of the ‘Complete Land of Israel’ or as an alternative Palestinian state,” which “cause great unrest in Jordan.”

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