Second Temple Era Mysterious Stone Box Going on Display at Israel Museum

Archaeologist Nachman Avigad jokingly called the object 50 years ago a "nuts and seeds bowl," and the name stuck.

More Jews Ascended to the Temple Mount During the Gaza War

“So, how has the war, Swords of Iron, affected the ascension to the Temple Mount?”

Ancient Roof Tiles Associated with King Antiochus’s Rule Discovered in City of David

During a military expedition to Jerusalem in 168 BCE, Antiochus IV erected the Acra fortress either on or just outside the Temple Mount.

‘Prayer Hotline’ Opens at Western Wall

The Prayer Line was opened in response to the "difficult situation and reports of many injured, missing, and captured individuals."

Residents Evacuated as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv Are under Rocket Attack Shabbat Simchat Torah

In several communities, terrorists are hiding with hostages inside private homes and security forces are negotiating their release.

Watch: Priestly Blessing at the Kotel

Tens of thousands of Jews attended Monday morning’s Birkat Ha’Cohanim – the priestly blessing – at the Western Wall.

Preparations Underway for Sukkot 5784 at the Western Wall Plaza

Due to the high demand and the public's desire to participate in the traditional ceremony, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation will hold this year's Birkat Kohanim service twice.

Archaeologists Stymied by King Jehoash and Amaziah’s Mysterious Jerusalem Canals

"The mystery only thickened when we found the second facility to the south."

Longest Section of Jerusalem’s Upper Aqueduct Revealed at Givat HaMatos

The length of the section is about 300 meters, and it was uncovered in the excavations ahead of the neighborhood’s expansion.

Beyadenu Files Complaint with Jerusalem Police: Jews Are Banned from Restrooms on Temple Mount

"We cannot live in a country where violating human dignity is so commonplace."

Report: The Closer We Get to 9 B’Av the Worse Police Treat Ascenders to Temple Mount

Can anyone contact the government minister in charge of the police? I Believe his name is Itamar something.

Incense from Sheba for Solomon’s Temple: JJAR Posts 4 Fascinating Articles on Judean Kingdom’s...

The Jerusalem Journal of Archaeology has published Volume 4 on the archaeology of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem’s Armenians Protest ‘Existential Crisis’ over Patriarchate’s Leasing of 25% of Its Land

CNN last Saturday published an article (In Jerusalem's Armenian Quarter, a controversial land deal pits a community against its religious leaders) claiming that the...

United Hatzalah Helps Paralyzed Man Propose to his Betrothed in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter

With music playing softly in the background, and confetti filling the air, the medical team guided the gurney down the red carpet.

Hebrew U Archaeologists Discover Ancient Tiny Flutes that Imitate Predatory Bird Calls

“If the flutes were used for hunting, then this is the earliest evidence of the use of sound in hunting."

Jerusalem Police Uncover Stolen Stamped Roman Legion Bricks in the Trunk of a Car

The 10th Legion participated in the suppression of the Bar Kochba rebellion between the years 132-135, and suffered heavy losses.

New Tower of David Museum Reopening Thursday after 3-Year Construction

“No other museum can tell Jerusalem’s story in such a distinctive setting, within the citadel that has witnessed so many events in the city's past."

Opening Soon: Israel’s Longest Hanging Bridge Overlooking Jerusalem’s Old City

The bridge offers stunning views of Jerusalem, including the Old City and the Temple Mount.

Report: Systemic Police Harassment of Jews on Temple Mount on Flag Day

"Going up to the Temple Mount should become routine and not anything to get excited about."

Jerusalem Day in the Years Just Following the City’s Liberation

KKL-JNF released these photos offering a glimpse of life in Jerusalem in the 1970s, only a few years after the Six-Day War, in honor of Jerusalem Liberation Day.

Yehoram Gaon Releases ‘With Each Rolling Stone’ Honoring Jerusalem Day

"I have not found a greater love than this for the eternal city, humbly wishing to be a stone of the wall."

2,000-Year-Old Receipt Uncovered in the City of David

The researchers believe "the everyday life of the inhabitants of Jerusalem who resided here 2,000 years ago is expressed in this simple object."

Ateret Cohanim Promoting New Neighborhood on Pre-1948 Jewish Land in Eastern Jerusalem

The lands of the Kidmat Zion neighborhood were purchased on September 16, 1925, by Haredi Jews.

Thursday’s Million People’s Rally Was a Coming of Age for Israel’s Right

It was a love-in for the State of Israel, and for Israel as the Jewish state.

Jews Arrested on Temple Mount for Unfurling Israeli Flag, Prostrating, Saying Shema Israel

“I call on the Israeli police to not interfere by provoking ascenders to the Temple Mount."

Israel Mourns Its First Terror Victim, Haredi Man Shot 12 Times by Arabs 150...

Aharon, who was at his post by the windmill, chased the Arabs away .

Jews Looking for Arabs to Hide their Lambs for Temple Mount Paschal Sacrifice

If you’re Arab and read the Jewish Press, and happen to live in close proximity to the Temple Mount – this could be a nice payday for you.

175 Runners Race to Save Lives in Jerusalem Marathon

Combined, Team Avraham and Team United Hatzalah raised more than $100K in support of lifesaving efforts.

20,329 Jews Ascended the Temple Mount Since Rosh Hashanah

The highest number of Jews ascended on the first day of Chol HaMoed Sukkot – 1,388 Jews in one day.


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