Photo Credit: Courtesy of Beyadenu
Hannah holds a medal given to her parents for saving Jews during the Holocaust.

We received this item from our friends at Temple Mount News.

Last Thursday, Hannah, 80, arrived at the Temple Mount with two English-speaking companions from Americans for a Safe Israel and was given the tour by Rabbi Tzvi Tal from Beyadenu. She was very excited and emotional.


Hannah is a Christian woman, born in Holland, who moved to Canada to live there with her husband. She has four children and many grandchildren, her Dutch name is Hannikah, and she used to work as a social worker in a facility where many Holocaust survivors were treated.

At the age of 18, Hannah wanted to volunteer at a kibbutz but the plan never materialized. She remembers how during WW2 her parents hid 22 Jews (as well as a few non-Jews).

At the end of the visit to the holy compound, she shared a very personal experience from her childhood, when she refused to participate in a Christian ceremony, and fought over it with their parents. It was important to her that her Israeli hosts understand that she was not here as a missionary.

She said she was very sick with Covid but decided she had to come to Israel. On her final day here, she asked to visit Jerusalem, but only to places that are sacred to Jews.

Michael Miller of Beyadenu told the Jewish Press: “We were delighted that Hannah joined us from Holland on the Temple Mount. We are extremely grateful for what her family did for the Jewish people during the Holocaust and extended our gratitude to her on the holiest site for Judaism. We will continue fighting for equal rights for everyone on the Temple Mount.”

In the picture, Hannah is holding a medal given to her parents for saving Jews during the Holocaust.


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