Photo Credit: Daveynin / Wikimedia Commons.
People pay their respects at a memorial in front of the Tree of Life*Or L’Simcha Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh to the 11 Jewish victims of a mass shooting one week earlier, Nov. 4, 2018.

For the third straight year, the US has had more than 600 mass shooting incidents and 2022 isn’t over yet. But one Israeli startup is taking aim at the problem by using artificial intelligence to detect threats and deploy security responses.

Gabriel, an Israeli startup announced the release of its newest software upgrade to combat the rise of active shooter events occurring in the United States. Using the latest AI technology, Gabriel identifies early signs of a threat including aggressive behavior, weapons, or gunshots.


Once danger is identified, the technology automates immediate lifesaving action including sending alerts, calling for help, and providing responders with live video and communication inside the scene. With this real-time situational awareness, first responders not only receive fast, accurate information, they can immediately give precise instructions to civilians to save lives.

Originally deployed in schools and houses of worship, Gabriel’s intelligent software has expanded into office buildings, data centers and healthcare facilities. The technology can be integrated into existing security systems.

“With this game changing technology, we can now take proactive steps to protect precious lives and prevent the common pitfalls of active threats such as human indecision, delayed calls to 911, and misinformation.” said Gabriel’s CEO, Yoni Sherizen. “This saves valuable time and it saves lives.”


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