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Gabbi Laski (L) and Zehava Galon

Right-wing commentator Avihai Shorshan revealed on his Facebook page that attorney Gavriella (Gabbi) Schutz Laski is defending left-wing NGO Taayush activist Nasser Nawaj’ah, who, together with convicted pedophile Ezra Nawi, allegedly handed over Arab land brokers to the PA for arrest, torture, and on occasion execution. Nawi and Nawaj’ah were exposed by a channel 2 news program.

“This week I’ve heard [Meretz Chairman] Zehava Galon on a few occasions, including at the Knesset Constitution Committee, speaking about the need for transparency, full disclosure, and the requirement that political and social ties be fully exposed. Only her criticism is always, but always, turned against the other side,” Shorshan notes.


So where was Zehava Galon, Shorshan wants to know, when the news was raging about those left-wing human rights activists who were reveling in depriving Arab businessmen of their right to freedom, not to speak of their right to life? Why did she not make it public that the attorney for one of these two was number 7 on the Meretz Knesset list (Meretz ended up with 5 seats). Moreover, Laski is also member of the board of governors for Breaking the Silence, and is on retainer for NGO Anarchists on the Fence, which organizes weekly violent demonstrations in the Arab villages of Bil’in and Ni’lin. AF takes care of the entire production, including buses and legal representation—Laski—in case you get arrested.

Some of Shorshan’s Facebook visitors noted that the information is openly available online regarding all of Laski’s engagements, and that the fact that Galon did not mention her connection to Meretz recently is not necessarily a cover-up. Also, representing the most repulsive criminals is what attorneys do, it’s how democracy functions. But the dig was justified after all, since Galon had spent last week going after the Samaria Settlers Committee, blaming them for using government funds to finance the Im Tirtzu 3-year campaign to bring down Nawi et al. In that context, disclosing that a potential Meretz MK (should two current MKs leave their posts) is defending the other side would have been appropriate.


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