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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday told reporters that the US embassy will move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem within a year.

Speaking after the United States had announced a freeze on half of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East annual budget, Netanyahu that “things are happening in the United States that have never happened before.”


“My assessment is that the embassy will move much faster than we think,” he told the reporters in his entourage on his visit to India. “Within one year, this is my solid assessment,” the PM reiterated.

Netanyahu also told the same reporters that he appreciates President Trump’s decision to freeze half of UNRWA’s budget.

“After 70 years, it’s good to do something that challenges this organization, which perpetuates the Palestinian narrative and the abolition of Zionism. This is the first time this thing is being challenge,” he said, adding, “It’s a good thing they’re making progress.”

Over the past several weeks, since his declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and concurrent with his tough policy on the Palestinian Authority’s responsibility for the stalled peace talks, President Trump’s aggregate popularity numbers have risen consistently, from around 36% to just under 40%.

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