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Hillel Fuld

Genesis, defined as “the origin or mode of formation of something,” holds a profound significance in various realms, from a renowned car manufacturer to a popular musical band and even grills. But what makes this word so influential that it serves as a conduit for conveying ideas?

The power of “genesis” lies in the age-old adage: “Show me where you came from, and I’ll show you where you’re going.” Unlike Western civilization, the Torah, emphasizing the value of beginnings and the past alongside the future, recognizes that a secure foundation of faith and heritage is pivotal for safeguarding our future.


This may explain why the book of Genesis delves into the narratives of our forefathers, rather than beginning with commandments, as one might expect from a life guide like the Torah. Even Rashi, in the very first verse of the book of Genesis, questions this choice. He elucidates that Genesis was chosen to thwart nations’ claims over the land of Israel.

This response might seem peculiar, especially given today’s world, where territorial disputes abound. However, consider that Genesis is our “why,” and without understanding this, the commandments become hollow. To realize the “how” fully, one must first grasp the “why.”

In both the Torah and life itself, establishing a robust foundation is imperative for unlocking our full potential. Genesis, in this context, is our “why,” and no other starting point would suffice. This philosophy extends to humanity, where building a moral and ethical groundwork is crucial for reaching our fullest potential. Each of us requires our own unique “genesis.”

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