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Luxury, ease, modesty, timeless – these are the words that come to mind when describing Daniella Faye, a womenswear brand based in Jerusalem. Its namesake, founder and designer Daniella Faye, has been serving women a dose of refined taste and glamour since opening her retail space in 2015. She aims to eliminate the need for undergarments and shells and help her customers dress modestly without adding layers.

Today, her dresses, skirts, tops, and headwear can be found in over 50 stores worldwide. You can shop her vast line of modest clothes online at Jewish Press readers can use special discount code Fashion10 at checkout for 10% off all purchases. You can also see the collection on Instagram @daniella.faye. From casual knit two-piece sets to elegant Shabbos dresses, the versatility of the Daniella Faye collection is endless. Trust me, your wardrobe will thank you.


Michal Goldfein: What inspired you to start your brand, Daniella Faye?

Daniella Faye: Since I was 11, I wanted to be a fashion designer. In fact, at that age I started designing and selling jewelry. I sold my jewelry at Chanukah boutiques and in stores around Jerusalem. Then when I got married eight years ago, I started making my own head coverings, and when people on the street would see me, they would ask me where I got them. I started having pop-up shops and then sold to stores. At a certain point, I decided that I needed to move from my dining room table to a storefront. I realized that the storefront space was better suited toward selling dresses. My mother told me to “go for it and follow my dreams,” so I designed three dresses. The dresses were a hit and remain my bestsellers to this day.

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What challenges have you faced since starting your brand?

I’ve faced a lot of challenges, but with time some things get easier. My first challenges were with manufacturing and sizing. For example, one time I manufactured 100 dresses with zippers, but they didn’t work. So [we] had to take them out and sew new ones in. Shipping can be another huge challenge and cost. Being an entrepreneur, you are faced with many challenges, but with Hashem’s help, I will meet all of them head-on.

You have a comprehensive collection of modest dresses, tops, and skirts. What do you think about modest fashion and its evolution over the years?

I remember having to wear tops under dresses and layer. I think it’s amazing that we are now able to throw on a dress and not have to worry about wearing multiple pieces to stay modest.

Where do you gain inspiration from when designing a collection?

I always design based on what I want to wear. I also get inspired by fabrics and how they look and feel.

What are your favorite dresses for your new fall collection?

My favorite items are the sets which are super comfortable. You can wear them year-round; it almost feels like you are wearing pajamas all day! The batwing sweaters and dresses are comfortable and great. The leather skirt is extremely popular.

I love the Camel Ribbed Set which is casual and refined. How would you style this two-piece outfit?

The camel set is great with a faux leather or fur vest. I would style it with some long necklaces, tights, booties, and even a beret.

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Your Silver Batwing Dress is beautiful, with a flattering silhouette and beautiful fabrication. How would you describe this piece?

The silver batwing dress is super flattering, and I love the texture and weight of the fabric. It’s velvet but it’s not a heavy fabric, and it won’t make you sweat.

You also sell accessories such as headbands, berets, and beanies. What are your most popular pieces? 

Our fur pom-pom berets and headbands are our most popular items.

What are your goals for the future of your brand?

I would like to continue to sell online and would like to sell to any woman who wears modest clothing. I would also love to be in department stores one day as well. My dream is to create plus-size and kids’ collections.


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