Photo Credit: Yishai Fleisher
Leah Fleisher

After Shabbat, I heard that a distant relative of my mother’s died because of the Coronavirus! Then it became real for me.

I watch the news with my parents every night and I know what is happening in Israel and around the world. I’m young and frightened and I’m surprised by what is happening.


Let me show you things from my perspective:

I’m 12 years old living in Israel, school is closed, and I’m distance-learning. At first, they said that children like my 4-year-old brother were supposed to stay in school. Then suddenly kindergartens are closed and I have to spend a lot of time entertaining him. I thought it couldn’t get worse – but then Israel’s Prime Minister announces that people can’t go more than 100 meters from their homes!

My mother explains to me that we might be stuck like this for even longer than they say.

So I end up realizing one thing – I’m stuck with my awesome, yet sometimes annoying family, for more than two months!?

This year’s Passover might be very difficult. All alone in your house and you may not have all the food you’ll need for it. It’s not just because it’s hard to get to stores, but also there is an egg shortage, and eggs are part of the Seder plate-and matzah brei. This Passover feels a little like the Egyptian exile with our own challenges and fears – and so we will have to be strong and hardcore – and get strength from our ancestors.

Earlier in human history, Hashem promised Noah that the world will never be destroyed again and that includes a dangerous sickness that is threatening humanity.

Despite the fear of the COVID-19 virus the world has already changed for the better: people are always helping one another and encouraging each other – and we thank God for what we do have and for the people we love.

Let us use this moment to thank all the fighters in this war – the doctors and nurses who are working day and night to help all the people sick with Corona. Let us also thank all the policemen and soldiers who are protecting us from ourselves by upholding the law to not gather in the streets and parks.

Be safe, stay strong, don’t forget to turn to G-d, and use lots of Alcogel.


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