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I was worried. Last year, during this time period, the pandemic was at an all-time high. Minyanim had therefore been disbanded in order to protect the members of their respective kehillot. For this reason, for the first time in the 35 years since my dear father, OBM, had passed away, it would not be possible for my l’hblct’a, husband to say Kaddish for him. Although Baruch Hashem, I was able to hire mosdot to ensure that Kaddish would be said, my heart was broken because this mitzvah, i.e. insuring that Kaddish is said for the departed ones, was most closely associated with my father’s avodat Hashem, during his lifetime…

Baruch Hashem, presently, the fear of Covid has abated somewhat, but I was faced with another challenge that worried me considerably as Daddy’s yahrzeit approached. Our minyan was fairly new and many folks would be away on their annual vacations. I was therefore concerned that there might not be a minyan this year, as well, when Daddy’s yahrzeit fell out on Shabbos Mevorchim Elul. My son tried to reassure me as he reached out to several men who promised to attend. But time would tell.


Friday night arrived. I waited anxiously for the menfolk to return home from shul.

Baruch Hashem, in shock and in awe, they reported to me that we not only had a minyan but that the premises were bursting with many more men than were expected!

I was overcome with gratitude to HaKodesh Boruch Hu for making it possible for Daddy to receive the honor that he provided for others, throughout his lifetime.

Baruch Hashem the “Minyan Miracles” continue. In some amazing instances, the seeds for the growth of this minyan, were planted some time ago. Let me explain.

Prior to the formation of the minyan, I was out walking one day and I noticed a neighbor, whom I had never met before. As I reported in an earlier article that I had written, most of the folks keep to themselves and with the exception of Shabbos Kodesh it is indeed rare to meet another person during the week. A city girl from birth and one who has always worked in positions dealing with the public, social isolation is therefore, a major nisayon for me. I was therefore thrilled to see another human being! I greeted her and she returned my greeting in kind!

Bracha then shared with me that her husband, Gedalia, was recovering from major surgery, so I took it upon myself to arrange meals for them while he convalesced. This necessitated my knocking on the doors of my neighbors and in so doing, they not only provided Shabbos and weekday meals, but engaged in conversation with the couple, as well.

Sometime later, when my son-in-law decided to form the minyan, he noted that he would like to have officers. Bracha had shared with me that Gedalia had been involved as the president of several shuls in the past, so I nominated him to be the president of ours and he accepted.

But the greatest miracle was yet to come!

Last Shabbos, Gedalia presented two Sifrei Torah, on loan to our shul, one of which was written in honor of his dear late mother, OBM!

To think that merely greeting a neighbor could engender so many wonderful outcomes, or to put it in the context of this piece, outstanding “minyan miracles,” is amazing!

With the New Year quickly approaching, let us dedicate ourselves to reaching out to one another and together may Hashem Yisborach bless us with the Ultimate Miracle: The Geulah Shleimah Now.

Amein. Keyn Yehi Ratzon, Amein!


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